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How To Converse With Your Man

Ninety percent of women want to attract the man of their dreams. Women sometimes feel a bit shy to approach or try to make a first move. Well, here are some easy and simple tips to attract the man you want.

Be Indifferent

Men like women who are different and stand out on her own. They hate desperate women. Be nice to men, give them your number if they approach you but be hard to get. Do not seem desperate.

Be Fabulous

After finding your Mr. Right, impress him and be fabulous. Dress up nicely, be polite, and stay polished and sophisticated. Mark your impression fantastic and make him realize that you are worth every penny you spent.

Be Mysterious

Do not share every small thing about you on a first date or till 2 or 3 dates. Men generally are not interested in boring talks like about your ex-boyfriends, grocery, makeup, co-workers, etc. They are more interested in you. Spend some more time together to reveal your deepest secrets to him.

Be Open

Stay honest with him. It is very important if you are planning to take this relationship a long way. Learn when to speak and when to respond. Never lie to the man of your dreams about any event of your life.

Be Yourself

Do not pretend to be someone else or copy anyone. Just be yourself. You are wonderful, unique and prefect the way you are. Let him appreciate for the type of person you are.

Smile Often

Smiling is the key to happiness. Smile while talking, giggle on his jokes and do fun things that make him smile too. Every guy likes a girl with a beautiful laugh.

Touch Him

Men usually get drawn by a gentle and tender touch of a girl. Men start showing more interest and flirt more with girls who touch while making a conversation. Touching his fore arm or shoulder is appropriate and considered as casual touches.

Seek his protection

Try holding his hands while crossing the roads, ask him if can help you to carry your heavy books, hold his hands if scary dog comes near, etc. These moves make him feel like a protector.

Be Mischievous

Men like women who are cute and nice but not boring. It is always nice to play some pranks with him. Tease him, nudge him or crack a few jokes. Show him your mischievous side too.

Appreciate Him

Do not forget to appreciate him during small things. A thank you or a smile will make him feel great. He will feel special with these gestures.

Play hard to get

If you want to make your man like you, just play hard to get. Do not make yourself easily available to guys. Do not allow them to take you for granted.

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