How To Decorate Your Living Room

Living Room Décor ideas! If at all there is one place in your house that should bring you alive during your dullest days, it is your Living Room. It is that one special room, where you sit and relax after a long day at work, read newspapers, enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends and see your kids jump and play around. With so many reasons making your Living Room the most important place of your home, it gets essential that you use real creative, stylish and lavish décor ideas to add the perfect ambience in your home.


Before you start decorating your living room, make sure you have a perfected plan on how you want the room to look, the things that will fit into it, and the theme. Once you have these in mind, plan the position of your sofa, tables, lamps, etc. in the room. A good strategy always helps you achieve the look you wanted your living room to have.

Color palette

Choose colors that bring peace to your mind. You don’t have to go by the book décor ideas. Remember, it is your home, your living room! So, choose colors that will make your feel at home and relax. Usually, shades of white contrasted with other brighter colors like green and brown are often chosen to give your home a neutral bright look. But yes, you may choose whatever color you want and choose sofa and accessories complimenting the entire theme.

Spacious and open arrangements

Keep the living room spacious enough for people to wander easily. Avoid clustering of tables, chairs, couch, lamp and any other thing that you are going to home in your living room. A spacious living room looks clean, tidy and well organized, aso allowing your kids to roam about freely.

couchComfortable couch

The main attraction of your living room is your sofa or the couch. It should be the most comfortable place in the house to sit. Choose a big, cozy and simple sofa for your living room that allows you and your guests enjoy absolute comfort and relaxation. Also make sure the color compliments the walls.

Smart Accessorizing

Choose smart and stylish accessories for adding that personal touch to your living room. Choose few but classy items such as artistic lamps, designer hangings and curvy side tables to give the living room a more intent feel. You may also choose beautifully colored cushion covers to add some more zing to the couch and the overall look of the living room.

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Stylish Lighting

Avoid heavy lighting in the living room. Choose to have different lights to create different look in the living room. Use few brighter lights coupled with a few small lights that add an easy look to your living room.

Avoid heavy curtains

Avoid heavy curtains in your living room as they surely give it a negative feel. If you must, choose light, stylish curtains that add vogue to your living area.

couple discussing on chairAdding Warmth

Utilize the corners of the living room smartly, by having a rocking chair or a cozy pair of chairs with a table to enjoy your evening chats by the window. This adds warmth to the living room.

Adding Life

And lastly, add a little life to your living room by having beautiful flower pots, always filled with your favorite flowers. You may also choose to have small plants with aromatic flowers in the room to add some life to your almost perfect living room.

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