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How to Keep Your Kids Safe at Home

As a mother, the safety of my children ranks first for me. Our homes might look safe to us, but there are chances that we might end up getting hurt or injured. The reason can be that we overlooked some aspects or maybe the thought didn’t cross our mind.

Here I have mentioned some of the safety techniques to safe proof my homes for my kids:

  • An excellent locking system: Owing to the increased cases of theft and subsequent violence, it is advisable to have a good locking system in place. This will discourage burglars
  • Alarms: Having a fire alarm will ensure higher safety. Place the smoke detectors in kitchens and kids room to avoid irreparable damage.
  • Childproof all Electric Outlets: Kids tend to insert their fingers in sockets. Cover up all the outlets
  •  Keep a Fire Extinguisher: Buy and place an extinguisher in your home. This will come handy
  • Train Your Kids for Emergencies: Situations like earthquakes and fires can cause considerable damage to your home. At the same time your family is also at risk. Train your kids to act calmly in such circumstances
  • Nail your Bookshelves: Kids especially babies who are learning to walk take support of furniture and fixtures. They might try to use an independent standing bookshelf. Nailing the shelf to the walls will ensure that they don’t tilt
  • Unplug Electronics: If you have no use of a particular appliance, make sure it is unplugged
  • Keep medicines out of reach: Make sure that the medicines and other drugs are kept out of the reach of small kids. Store them in air tight containers and in higher areas
  • Blunt edges: Tape all sharp edges with duct tapes. This will safeguard your kids as they move about the home
  • Safeguard The Steps: Place a blockade on the entryway to the steps. This will restrain a crawling baby from climbing steps unsupervised
  • Clear Debris from Garden: Children have the tendency to run about the garden. They might trip on pebbles and other stuff. So clearing the garden will be the best solution
  • Store away Small articles: We often see that kids swallow coins, buttons and other such small items. It is wiser to hide away such items to prevent the kids from choking
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