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How To Spice Up Your Relationship?

This is one question that troubles most of us, isn’t it? Over time every relationship loses lustre and to maintain it we need to give it time and nourishment. Women’s have to understand that it is not always the men who have to take charge, because you can do some efforts to make the relationship work. Here are few tips with which you can have a long lasting relationship.

Listen to your love:

By nature, women’s are the ones who do the talking. There is nothing wrong in it, but make sure you listen to you man when he is talking. Men like women, need to clear their mind. They speak comparatively lower then we women’s, and while they do, it is your responsibility to hear and understand what he wants to say. Turning a deaf ear would make him feel that you are not interested in him.

Spend time together:

Have you notices a change in your relationship after your child is born? If yes, then you need to spend more time with your husband. Sometimes after the child is born, women’s are so busy with their children that they forget their husbands. To overcome this problem, you can plan a special evening for your husband. You can leave your kid with your parents and take him to his favourite restaurant and order his favourite dinner. This would make him feel that he is as important as children are to you. You can also plan a holiday together.

Charge up your sex life:

This is one tip that is never going to fail. It is very important that you don’t forget the sex life. You have to charge it up with exciting new positions. Ask him what he likes and try it together. Take him lingerie shopping. If he is shy, try online shopping. Many online websites like Nordstrom.com has an exciting collection of lingerie and night wears. Include him in selecting the best night wear for you.

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