I am a Lucky Dog Owner!

I feel that having a furry friend at home is an enriching experience. And if you are one of those people who own a pet, then you are lucky indeed. Studies have revealed that pets are the best when it comes to advantages one gains over time. Many of us would agree that having a pet at home is in itself a matter of joy. At the same time, it will surprise you to know that pets help us to change a lot about our lives. In this post, I will tell you what makes me happy to own a pet dog.

  • Bonding:  Playing with my dog has allowed me to learn the threads of bonding. This has resulted in better relationships with other people around me
  • No Depression: Psychologists say that people who are pet owners don’t suffer from bouts of depression
  • No Health Troubles: It is a fact that if you have a pet in your home, the BP remains at a normal level. Trips to the doctor by a pet owner are less in comparison to those who don’t own a pet
  • Zero stress: I found that if I cuddle my pet, it reduces my stress
  • Exercise: Running along with my dog in the park lets me stretch my legs and this results in a workout. No trip to gym required!
  • Agility: Around my dog, I always have to be on my toes. As a result, being agile has become quite easy
  • Time management: Feeding my dog on schedule, walking him regularly has made me manage my affairs on time
  • Safety for Kids: It is possible to leave a toddler around a pet. The pet will ensure that the kids come to no harm. This is a trait that almost all animals have
  • Learning: Kids who grow up alongside a pet are often quick learners. Having pets can indeed be a boon!
  • Inculcates Responsibility: We automatically start feeling responsible for our pets. As a result we will start looking into every aspect related to a pet
  • Learn Nurturing: Nurturing is a feminine trait. But it is noted that even men also start getting watchful of their dogs and cats
  • Great Friends: I have earned a lifelong friend in my dog. Yes! Not to mention that my dog is quite loyal too
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