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Interior Secrets – Colors That Add Life To Your Room

Colors do add a spark to our life and our surroundings. Have you ever felt relaxed sitting in a dark room or felt at peace when in a room with dark walls surrounding you? Perhaps not! Dark colors, although look stylish on the walls, they fail to add energy and life to your already drained lifestyle. This is one reason why you need to consider choosing bright color hues that reflect your personality and hike your mood. So, for all those who are looking forward to refurbishing your home interiors, here are a few colors that you may love preferring.

Pink Paradise

pink and black living room

Image Courtesy: gattox.com

Fresh light pink is normally said to be a girlish color. But, walls painted with a faint pink tinge give the area a soft appeal. The room feels pleasant and relaxing. Painting a particular wall with a darker pink color may further add a glamorous look to your interiors. The wood work in the room may be ebony or a complementary darker shade.

The shade shows sensitivity, loving and a warm personality.

Nature Greens

nature green

Image courtesy: wall321.com

Using green in the sleeping area makes the room look posh and rich. Hanging landscape paintings gives the room a natural touch.

The color denotes good health and identifies with your calm, secure and a stable character. It also shows a connection to nature.

Cool Blues


Image Courtesy: meddiodesign.

Using bright and vibrant blue wall paints is associated with fresh and modern feelings. The shades make the room look bright and full of life. The room appears more spacious. Using blue in the bedroom with large windows adds a serene feel in the room.

Blue stands for coolness and calmness like the sea.

Purple Elegance

purple elegance

Image Courtesy: mepashi.com

Purplish hues are in vogue this year. So, any shade of purple of your choice should make the room grand and rich. Using off white or creamy furniture would give the room an added appeal.

The color represents happiness and a creative personality. So, using the color in your bedroom may not be right. You may feel less sleepy.

Friendly Browns

friendly brown

Image Courtesy: resourcedir.directory

Using the lighter shades of brown looks more appealing. The warmth and earthy feel shows a friendly nature and has an inviting effect. Any type of wood work would be an apt choice with walls painted with this color.

The color shows the openness and your reliable character.

Tangy Oranges

tangy orange

Image Courtesy: cimots.com

Using this color in a slightly dark area lights up the space. The room has a vibrant feel that would make a person rejoice. This color denotes activity and liveliness. The color removes all the dullness around the place.

Snow white

snow white

Image Courtesy: dreamhomestyle.com

Plain white may symbolize purity. But plain white walls at home may not be very appealing. The walls would remind one of a hospital or the emptiness in one’s life. Use a lower key of white. Perhaps a creamy or off-white shade would be ideal. A bluish tinge in white would be also prove to be a great choice. The room will appear comfortable. Using contrast wood accessories will look stylish and Chic.

Feel relaxed and pleasant in the serene beauty of white walls.

Glittery Gold


Image Courtesy: azlifewave.com

A golden touch on the walls always looks rich. A person using yellow feels prosperous and happy.

Golden yellow denotes wealth and prosperity. It also brings in a lot of glory and sunny effect in the room.

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