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Judge Shruti Kumar – The Proud Daughter Of A Chai Wala!

We wanted high-tech schools, we wanted the best tutors and a peaceful ambiance in our home to achieve success in our educational career. Lucky weren’t we to have achieved everything we demanded? But what about those kids who don’t have all those luxuries to study and become what they dream off?? The story of Shruti Surinder Kumar and her achievements is worth a salute! Today, she is an inspiration to millions who wish to live their Dreams.

Daughter of a simple Chai wala, her father earned his bread by selling tea in the Sub-divisional magistrate building in Nakodar (Jalandhar) for years. A small tea stall outside the court was all he had to support his family and make sure that his kids studied with might. Little did he know that one fine day, his own daughter would pass the examinations and walk-in through the same doors as a judge in the court, where her father sold tea.

Shruti Surinder Kumar, at just 23 years of age has passed the Punjab Civil Services (Judicial) Examination with flying colors in her very First attempt. And now, after achieving a proper training in the academy, she is ready to pronounce her judgement in the Court of Law with just one aim – Bring Justice to the world and the country.

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In an Interview with the Deccan Herald, Shruti quoted, “I always wanted to be associated with the legal profession. I wanted to be a judge. I sat for the examination and stood first in the SC category.” Her achievements are worth an applause, but what makes her stand taller than the other girls who passed the examination is her attitude towards life. When congratulated for her achievement, she instantly mentioned that her friends Harpreet Kaur Sidhu, who is the daughter of a Police Inspector also passed the exam. So, she is not the only one who should be congratulated.

We wish you great success in your career and hope you pronounce judgments that do justice to one and all!!

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