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Khiladi Akshay Kumar Urges To Teach Martial Arts To Women

“It is important for Women to learn Self Defense.” With women Safety becoming a major concern in our country, Actor Akshay Kumar takes a step to helping women fight for their lives. This is his way of gifting women and the society, trying his best to make India a safer place to live in. On his Birthday, let’s see how the Khiladi contributes to the society, especially women.

Khiladi Akshay Kumar, a martial arts and fitness lover, talks about the most grieving topic of women safety and ways how women today, need to take their safety in their own hands. Akshay is a black belt in Taekwondo and has further learnt Muay Thai combat sport from Thailand. He knows the importance of martial arts and how it can help people protect themselves during grave situations. This is one of the basic reasons, he urges women across India to learn martial arts and ensure their safety from social enemies.

In India, teaching women martial arts, is extremely important, but also a difficult task. With the society creating social barriers for women, forcing them to stay home, releasing fatwas and teaching them to Stay a Woman, not try being a Man, it gets way difficult for people like Akshay to help women learn martial arts.

With the increasing rape and molestation cases in the country, Akshay pleads women to come ahead and learn basic levels of martial arts to fight their sinners when needed. He plans to talk to the government, asking them to make martial arts training compulsory for women in schools and colleges, allowing them to protect themselves in the most crucial times. He was also present in the launch of Women Self Defense School, an initiative taken by him in collaboration with Aditya Thackeray, the Yuva Sena Chief. This is his way of teaching women, self-defense techniques. He will himself be a part of the training sessions to encourage women learn martial arts.

Thank You Akshay and Wish you a very Happy and Glorious Birthday!!!

Image Courtesy: AkshayKumar.org

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