Small terrace garden design

Landscape Your Terrace with Beautiful Roof Gardens

With urbanization reaching its pinnacle, it is a rare sight to see greenery around us. If you are living in a home that has no land around then a roof garden is the best choice. You can have your own oasis in the midst of a concrete jungle. The benefits of having such a garden are that you can while away time amidst the nature. Those who are high on privacy factor can enjoy their ‘ME’ time. The best part is that you get to participate in the creation. Yes, isn’t it extremely exciting to see the flowers blooming owing to your care?

To have a roof garden is not a Herculean task. And it is definitely not rocket science either. You only need to have an idea what you want to achieve and the resources. It is that simple. Try these tips to have a roof garden:

Area: To begin with, map out the area of your roof that you intend to convert into the garden. It is necessary that you get a structural analysis done for your roof. This way you can ensure that your roof will bear the load of soil, plants and pots. Also, waterproofing and drainage has to be looked into.

Containers: Now, you need to choose the containers. Make sure, you select only those containers that can allow proper growth of the roots. Also, they should allow flow of air in the loose soil. Clay pots are the best. But you can select the plastic pots. However, constant exposure to heat might damage them. You can add your personal touch by painting the pots. Barrels and urns look as fabulous as pots. Make some hole in those pots to allow proper drainage of water. Excessive water might cause the pots to rot.

Soil: Soil is quite important. Too much clay or sand can deter plants from growing. Make sure that you put in the soil that is properly treated with fertilizers and insecticides. Soluble fertilizer is available in the market. They are best as they dissolve in water quite fast.

Plants: It’s not just flowering plants you can grow. Try your hand at growing vegetables too. Plant the seeds in wooden boxes which are deep. With proper care, you will be able to grow basil, tomatoes also.

Decor: You can place chairs, artifacts around your garden. This will enhance the look of the area instantly.

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