Smart Small Space

Make Your Small Space Attractive by These 6 Ideas

Rapid urbanization has led to a sharp rise in construction of buildings everywhere, especially apartment complexes so that more people can live together. More and more people wish to move to cities for a better lifestyle and increased opportunities and thus people are suffering from a lack of space. Apartments have become really small, barely fitting in a bedroom and a kitchen and thus tend to have a very cramped and congested atmosphere. On top of that, despite the lack of space, there seems to be no end to furniture and other goods. However, there are some tips and tricks that can be followed to make a small room appear bigger and more spacious.

Follow These 6 Ideas

  • Go White – A room with white walls always makes it look very elegant and classy. The neutral colour enables one to add more accessories and decorations to spice up the décor. Moreover, white reflects light and thus automatically makes the room appear very bright and breezy and gets rid of the cramped up feel. Complement the white walls with similar neutral toned furniture and it will enhance the spaciousness of the room.
  • Install Mirrors – A very smart trick is to fix designer and stylish mirrors on walls, closets and corridors to create an illusion of a lot of space. Not only does it look very chic but it also gives the impression that the room has a lot of space.
  • Use Large Rugs – It is best to invest in rugs and carpets that are very big in size, preferably covering the entire floor. It is a good idea to get carpets or rugs with dark or bright colors and a lot of patterns on them. This helps to make the room look bigger as the floor space cannot be seen clearly.
  • Curtains – When buying curtains, make sure that they are very light in material so that adequate amount of light and shade enters the room. Moreover buying curtains in the colour of the walls will also make the room look more spacious. It’s best to hang the curtains quite a few inches higher than the window to make the room appear big.
  • Smart Furniture – Invest in furniture that not only looks trendy but also is space efficient. Make sure beds, sofas, dressing tables and chairs are not bulky and do not take up a lot of space. Also find modern designs that come with storage facilities which will help in keeping most of your possessions compactly. Look through modern dressing table designs for bedroom and double bed design with side table for the best results to maximize space and make everything look tidy and prim.
  • Light Design – Positioning the light correctly can make a lot of difference. Use light fittings that can be fixed onto walls or can be hung from the ceiling. This will save space and also make the room feel spacious.

These simple but smart ideas can make any small room appear bigger and stylish without putting in too much effort. The room will look spacious, airy and bright just by following these tips. Therefore, creating a bigger room has become very easy.

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