Make Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

Whether you are renting out an Airbnb space or taking on a short-term living situation, temporary housing enters many people’s lives at some point. It essentially offers a blend of convenience and flexibility to those traveling or relocating who do not want to deal with the stress of something permanent.

Think of it as an ideal in-between lodging solution for traveling professionals and vacationers. It can be convenient to have a temporary space, but it can also feel isolating and like you are constantly in flux.

Living in such transitional units always feels different from your familiar abode, and the sooner you make it feel like home, the better. With the global need for short-term housing set to rise in the coming years, here are some ways to make temporary housing feel like home.

Have Useful Appliances

Home appliances refer to the tools and equipment used to accomplish different household functions like housekeeping tasks, among others. With the human lifestyle increasingly becoming more advanced and fast-paced, functional appliances play a significant role in turning a temporary house into a home.

So, have appliances that can go with you when you leave but that you use very frequently. These might include a coffee maker, a gaming system, or an air humidifier.

These things will not damage the space but make it function better for your needs. Having them will help spruce up your home décor and make your temporary residence more comfortable to live in.

Thanks to technological advancements, most gadgets are now more user-friendly and efficient. Besides all the convenience they bring, remember to limit them to must-have appliances only so that you may not have a hard time moving out.

Make it Personal

Making your short-term rental space personal is one of the simplest ways of converting any temporary residence into a home. This might include bringing with you some things that make you smile and remind you of home.

Use these items to add personal touches to make the transitional living space feel like you.  These could be your family photos, a favorite mug you like to drink out of, or knick-knacks.

Where you live, even on a short-term basis, is the most personal space you have and should speak more about you to feel homey. The best part is that you do not have to turn the entire place upside down. By adding little decor touches that incorporate your style and personality, you can make your temporary unit feel more like home.

Get Comfortable

Get comfortable in your space and make sure it accommodates your needs for relaxation. Prioritize sleep by making sure the pillows and mattress fit your needs.

The benefits of a latex mattress cannot be overemphasized. Besides being durable, these provide the best blend of comfort and support. Blankets can also make a big difference in making you feel cozy and comfortable. Get comfortable and make your beddings resonate with the same feeling you get sleeping in your bed at home.

Use Aromatherapy

Scent is an easy thing to incorporate that does not permanently impact a space. It is very much intertwined with our memory, so find a candle or cook something that makes you feel at home. This scent will conjure up a memory of your home or even a specific experience that reminds you of your home.

It is a typical sensory experience that scientists refer to as the “Proustian moment.” You could also get an oil diffuser for longer-lasting aroma dispensing.

Making Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

Although temporary housing providers are increasingly putting more effort into making their living quarters more beautiful and comfy for expatriates to live in, it is nearly impossible for them to make these spaces home-like.

While there might be no other place like home, there are many ways for you to make your temporary residence feel like home. Keeping in mind that your stay there is for a short period, you will not have to tear the whole place down and turn it upside down to feel homey.

First, you will need to have some handy household appliances, make the space personal, get more comfortable in it, and use aromatherapy to remind you of home.

Whether you are on holiday, traveling, or relocating, making your temporary abode feel like home will help you adapt quickly and prevent feeling like you are in continuous flux. Simple things like your favorite mug or knick-knacks, suitable beddings, and a familiar scent can help make the transition easier.

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