Why People Love Pets So Much?

Over the years, people have been keeping animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, etc. as their tamed animals. If you see someone who is a pet owner, you will notice how their eyes light up when they talk about their pets.

They keep their pets protected, feed them, and clean their waste with so much love that for some people, it might be difficult to understand why they behave in this way.

Oxytocin is a hormone also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ that plays a part in social bonding and leaves you feeling loved. This hormone is released when parents look at their babies or their pets. When they look into the eyes of their pets, this love hormone releases giving them the same calm feeling. Like us, our pets also suffer from viruses and illnesses, and you won’t find a better vet office than in your area.

Pets are always there for their owners whenever they need them. People keep pets to eradicate the feeling of loneliness from their lives. They spend time with their pets and treat them as one would treat their children. Stroking animals also give people a feel of meditation or being focused. They enjoy the rhythm of stroking on their fur, and the animals also sense the kind of touch they are receiving. When they know it’s a touch of love, they purr and roll on their backs, expressing joy and love.

People not only keep their pets with them in homes but also treat them as their family members. They share their beds, their couches, and sometimes even food with them. A lot of people sometimes get skin allergy due to the furs of their pets, but also that does not let them be away from their pets.

Evidence suggests pet owners deal with stress effectively. However, the downside is that they add an expense and all sort of issues which become bothersome to other family members at times.

Pet-keeping is something people have done for thousands of years. It means there must surely be some benefits. These days many pets go to the spas and enjoy parlor evenings too. Many of us consider pets as adorable and cuddly and even celebrate their birthdays – and even funerals in some cases.

It brings us to the topic that those people who lose their pets go through a lengthy and painful process. The stages of grief are similar to that of losing a family member. Many people visit therapists for counseling sessions to get through such challenging situations. However, it doesn’t mean that we start to compare the two.

As humans, we have complex emotions and feelings, yet can empathize and bond with animals. However, a recent study by Jack Levin, a criminologist by profession, suggested some interesting facts. During his research, several people responded to a made-up-story in which a victim got assaulted with a baseball bat. He was unconscious and broke several limbs. The same scenario with a six-year-old dog or puppy was shared. The results were the same, which shows the level of empathy for even innocent animals.

We naturally display affection for animals the way we feel for people. It also perhaps reflects the thinking like older adults can’t defend or speak up for themselves, the same way we care for animals right.

Children are like animals and demonstrate innocence so we feel obligated to protect them. That is why we can empathize with them.

Our pets give us unconditional love, without any expectations, something these days, which is becoming rare in people.

There are many social benefits of pet ownership too. Studies suggest that people are less likely to become depressed or feel lonely.

Most of the pets are usually cats and dogs. And indeed, we can’t keep an elephant or a lion in our homes. There are several psychological explanations for the bond between people and their pets, and it may become easier to understand why some people prefer pets over anyone else.

Final Words

As discussed, the love and compassion for pets in some people in remarkable strong. However, some people debate and start sharing their opinions on animals vs. humans. The analogy is not to make anyone feel superior or inferior. It is just a matter of preferences and choices of people. Books and dogs have been man’s best friends for ages – and it is for a reason.

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