Enable the disabled

When A Person With A Disability Becomes A Role Model To Thousands!

When a newborn is born, the first thing that doctors and family members check is whether the baby is normal or disabled in any sense? When it comes to schooling, why are disabled not allowed to go to the same schools as others? Why is a Disabled person rejected again and again in various phases of life? Is being ‘Disabled’ a taboo in India and across?

This video, an episode from ‘Chai With Lakshmi’, shows how a disabled person, ‘Despite the Disabilities’ can cope up with a normal guy. The talk is about making A disabled India, an Enabled India with guest, Shanti Raghavan, the founder of EnAbled India, a non-profit organization that helps disabled people become an Equal in the society.

To know more on the lives that EnAble India has touched and Shanti Raghavan’s inspiring contribution in this space, watch this video from Chai with Lakshmi!

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