Questionnaire – Answer To Know Your Relationship Better!

Love… Dates… Relations… And a Happy Ever after!! For a girl, life is more or less woven around  her and her relation with her partner. The lucky ones get to eat the cake, while some have to taste the bitter side of the relation. Its however surprising to see that even educated and professionally successful women fall blindly in a relation, not thinking about its consequences. They say Love Is Blind, but isn’t it high time for women to keep their minds open, heart well protected and stay strong in this 21st century? Why let the men torture you, make you weak and compromise on everything? Don’t get me wrong in here… I am not a Feminist, Not an Anti-Male… But, I hate women who fall head over heels for all the wrong guys and later need to be rescued by psychiatrists for their suicidal tendencies. So, for all those who are smitten by love, here is a chance to think about your relation, how serious it is and whether, your partner is the Right one For you. Check out this Questionnaire, answer them with a true heart and see where your relationship is heading.


  1. Are you expected to compromise on ethics and principles?

Ans – If the answer is Yes… You should be prepared to compromise all your life. If that is something you cannot make your heart accept it with, Move on!

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  1. Is he too bossy and scheming, esp around you?

Ans – Being bossy is good, but only when it is for your good or your health. Ordering you to eat your food, taking rest…exercising… etc are all good. But, ordering you to clean the place and doing things you are not comfortable with, is a big sign that he is not good enough for you.

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  1. Does he have Faith and Trust in you?

Ans – Apart from love, Faith and Trust are the two pillars of strength in any relation. If he doesn’t trust you or has faith in you, please don’t waste your love, strength and time for him. No matter how much you love him, he will never trust you.

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  1. Is he communicative with you?

Ans – For a relation to be successful, communication is important. It shows how much you guys are in synchronization with each other.

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  1. Do you both share mutual respect in your relation?

Ans – Do you both respect each other mutually? If yes…. go ahead and don’t let go of him. But if no, consider thinking about your relation again.

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  1. How is his behavior towards his mom?

Ans – This may sound a bit off… but the way a guy behaves with his mother, tells a lot about his upbringing and his behavior with you in future. I he is harsh and abusive, you can expect him to stay the same with you in the later years of your life.

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  1. Does he try to be intimate with you, despite you trying to avoid it?

Ans – Being physical in a relation is not something new these days. Men and women alike, get intimate no matter whether it is a long term relation or a short one. But, if you don’t want to get intimate, he cannot force you to have sex with him. If he forces you into it…. Take a decision and Leave!!

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  1. Does he make you smile often or makes you cry with his actions?

Ans – Men and their charms!!! They can make you smile, flush, giggle and also cry. See how you feel around him. Does he make your smile more or cry? Choose based on your answer.

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  1. Is he more like a friend to you?

Ans – There can be nothing better than a partner, who is also your friend. If he is both, hold on tight and love him for eternity. But if no, consider the points from the previous questions.

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  1. Does he support you emotionally when needed?

Ans – Men are always literal… never very emotional. But, if you have an emotional day, does he sit by you, supporting you or does he just let you manage your issues on your own? If No, then try considering your relation again.

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