colorful baskets

Recycling Is One Of The Three Tricks We Love

Pleasing, displaying and being organized are the three tricks that we love. Buying multipurpose things will help in many ways. The basic thing to remember is that if the item can be useful in more ways than one. If yes, then the money spent is worthwhile. The three purposes are:

  • It should be affordable
  • The presentation
  • Systematize

The price of a flower arrangement will be reasonable or affordable when the attractive vase can be re-used. A crystal or coloured glass votives can be used to arrange the flowers to beautify a corner piece, office or work table at home.

VotiveThe other ways of using a votive would be to use it in place of the usual pencil and pen stand. It can also be used to hold spoons and forks at dinner time.

Being organized or systematic will remove a lot of clutter around the house. Using colourful baskets to keep things will not only help to stack things away, but also add colour to the living area. They can be used almost anywhere in the house.

colorful basketsAt times, the packing cartons and boxes look so beautiful that to discard them would hurt. Use them to make gift boxes or to keep your personal items.

An old earthenware jar may be the ideal corner piece. Thus, in one way or the other many utility items can be used and reused over a period of time.

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