Ira Singhal

Rejected Due To Her Physical Disability – Ira Singhal Tops UPSC Exams

Students often get depressed of less marks or not clearing up the exam, some tries and some people just give up the hope. This is a story of Ira Singhal who cleared the prestigious IAS Exam in her fourth attempt. What so cool about it? Thousands in India dream of IAS and not every clears in one go. Right, hundreds of aspirants repeats but this is no ordinary girl. She is a Specially Abled girl, who was rejected a post even after clearing the Indian Revenue Service exam in 2010.

She raised from this situation, not letting her disability engulf her spirit to become successful. Ira suffers from scoliosis or curvature of the spine from birth and movement of hands are not normal as ours. During the rejection, one of the reason given was, her 62% disability which may affect the work in IRS. Push, pull and lift heavy packets in Custom and Central Excise.

“Irony is that on medical and physical grounds, I am not eligible to be an IRS, a clerk or even a sweeper, but the rules do allow me to become an IAS (officer),” said Singhal. Ira believes struggle teaches us a lesson. “Actually, every struggle teaches you something. There is a possibility of defeat but in life you have to fight on.” Way to go girl.

She became the first specially abled woman to top the UPSC 2014 Examination. She has inspired millions in India, her disability has never been a reason to say ‘NO’. Have we inspired anyone yet? What is stopping us? Like Ira, let’s have the courage and faith to do something and definitely our goal will open it’s arms for us. Give it a try, no I should say give tries Ladies!

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