Relationship Myths You Must Drop To Be Happy

There are so many myths about relationships that we believe in. Try to uncover these myths and give your relationship a new perspective.

We have nothing in common

Almost every couple believes this myth. Do not get upset if your partner watches different TV show or loves different type of music or have different hobbies than yours. It is perfectly OK. This can make your relationship better. You can take interest in each other’s hobby and do things together. You may start liking new activities.

Never go to bed angry

Couples think that it is better to sort the things out of the fight. But things get heated up in that moment while you are arguing. So it is better to take a break or timeout and sleep on. Take some time to cool down and then discuss.

Everyone else is having better sex

Do you suffer from bedroom boredom? Are you feeling a rut in the matter of sex? Then you may feel like everyone out there has a better sex life than yours. The couple next door may be having great sex life or maybe not. Assuming your sex life is somehow lesser than others is quite silly.

Kids always comes first

Your kids take the priority over – night outs, weekend trips to Vegas, parties, etc. It is very common myth that your life should revolve around kids. Staying with kids all the time and carrying out activities as a family is very important. But don’t forget that you are a couple too. Build your alone time and go for date nights or watch a movie with your spouse. This will help in building a strong bond.

You cannot find anyone else attractive

This is the biggest myths of all. Once you found love then you should never do (harmless) flirting or can never find anyone else attractive. Being in love is great but that does not mean you cannot appreciate other people with great abs or nice eyes. You can always appreciate eye candy people around you.

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