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Stop Acid Attacks: Campaigners Go On An Indefinite Hunger Strike!

In the past, we have seen acid attacks and their horrendous effect on the lives of victims. Sadly, there has been No Change in Law, No change in the Number of attacks and No change in the Life of all victims. Hiding away from the society, living a life that we can’t even imagine, acid attack victims surely deserve better and a more promising life. In order to pressurize the government to take action against the cruelty done and put a stop to the attacks, the fighters of Stop Acid Attacks campaign have decided to go on an Indefinite Hunger strike from the 12th Dec 2014, at Jantar Mantar, Delhi.

For the last 7 years, Lakshmi’s PIL Supreme Court has been ordering the government to stop acid attacks. However, the government has failed to take action over the issue for the last 7 years, neither have they have created laws that can stop furthermore acid attacks from occurring. Sadly, there have been recent attacks in the country, one that occurred in Srinagar on a 21 year old girl. The demands they have put forward are:

  1. Ban sale of acid in the market.
  2. Free and needed medical facilities for victims
  3. Acid attack as a crime should be included in the list of cruel crimes and judged through fast track courts within 3 months.
  4. Investigation must be done by top independent committee and the chargesheet should be prepared within 15 days.
  5. Government should provide victims with job or livelihood to the victims.
  6. Start a plan to know real statistics of acid attack victims.
  7. Training and budget should be implied in hospitals to overcome the cases.
  8. Lower court should be given the task to quickly end all old and new acid attack cases.
  9. A budget should be passed to help acid attack victims avail plastic and cosmetic surgeries.
  10. State government should make a Law for social reforms, keeping in mind the increasing acid attack cases.

This Indefinite Hunger strike is perhaps one of the only ways to stop acid attacks and bring justice to the victims. Hopefully, the government will help women by lending a helping hand to the victims.

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