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The Emotional Atyachar Of Online Dating Sites!!

Dating…I guess we are all familiar to this small word which holds a huge meaning in the hearts of youngsters, especially those who have partners. Over the years, the trend of dating has evolved from a simple casual meeting in a restaurant into online meetings, online dates, video chats and finally, either marriages or a disastrous breakup.

Meeting an absolutely unknown guy or gal, from probably a new state or even a country and with a God only knows, right name or a fake id, is surely a scary task. It’s all about dealing with wrong people not knowing who is at the other side of the dice. On a frank note, the true essence of dating is missing. The gist of dating has lost its charm.

Online dating sites is the one place where all the Miss Wrong & Mr. Wrong meet up. Well! Yes, This is the exact notion of public at large to make fake accounts and stay harmless but there are lot of creeps who keep on trolling and yes, there are people who enjoy it. The CUPIDS are not always free to entertain FOOLS around. Giving love a lame name is mere rubbish.

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A platform for singles

Originally, online dating sites were considered a platform for the singles, divorcee, widowers or widows and single parents to start up their life with the mutual understanding with the person they choose to date on the dating sites. The main idea of online dating was to help people find their love, their partner for life. But, unfortunately the platform has been corrupted as majority women and men available on these sites are now sources of cheap entertainment.

Based on a survey, nearly 20,000 people come close every year and get into serious relationship with the help of dating sites. In particular, there are no criteria in a dating site and anyone can make the account and join the site.

Nearly 20 couples out of 1000 go through divorces due to online dating. This was something unusual that came across me. In the survey, 20% out of 100% would like to go for online dating even if they are happily married.

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 The Emotional Atyachar

Youngsters and as well as adults, all have their accounts on the dating site. Even married men and women, both have their respective accounts with fake names as they are afraid to reveal their true identity.

The social networking sites are certainly the platform for the people to come forward and interact. The dating sites are probably for the singles to find their loyal partner. According to the expert: “ The Dating site is a platform to find partners for genuine dating. People have taken this platform otherwise and using it in a different way. It is a general notion, a girl on the dating forum is dating just because she wants to lie with you. Which is totally wrong thing.” Today! You can easily download the dating app in a way such that you can always have an option to date a girl or a boy of your choice that is just a click away.

Soniya Rawat Says “ I was under illusion that my husband loves me but secretly he was cheating on me. I have found him staying online for a longer time. One day I dared to snatch the phone as saw he was dating five ladies at one time. My face turned blue with shock. I simply could not trust my partner. He admitted that he has cheated many other ladies and was not loyal to me as he could easily find his match on the dating sites. I straight away walked off the house and gave him divorce.”

Believe it or not dating sites would have made it easy for many people to come close but it certainly has broken many genuine relationships as well. Betrayal, cheating and double dating are something that we deal everyday. But BEWARE, these sites would lead you to divorce as well.

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