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Vitamins For Life: Attitude Shifts For A Happier, Healthier You!

A recent Facebook random browsing connected me to a lovely quote posted by a friend. The quote read:

You cannot give from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first”.

Isn’t it so profound, especially for women? We are always on the lookout for what we have not been able to achieve – not losing that extra kilo of weight, failing to attend the PTA meeting, not being a great cook, not doing enough. What if we truly thank ourselves for doing all that amazing work that we do every day?

Change begins in the mind first. Pop these Attitude Vitamins and let your life bloom!


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  1. Vitamin of Abundance: We are taught to live with a scarcity mentality. Get out of that victim mentality today. You have what you need to make your life better. Open your eyes and mind to possibilities and opportunities – make your life amazing with all that you have today. Remember, what we believe is NOT enough,  may seem like Heaven to someone else.
  1. Vitamin of Belief: Before you say ‘I CAN’T’, try believing that ‘I CAN’. Take that first small step towards your dreams, make that mistake, learn and then try again. Success is not the absence of failure. As the saying goes ‘You will miss 100% of the shots you do not take’. Be bold and believe that your aspirations are achievable.
  1. Vitamin of Collaboration: You cannot be great at everything. We need people around us to make our lives better, easier and productive. Choose your battles wisely. Learn to appreciate people for their talents and then find your tribe. It is not easy but worth that effort.
  1. Vitamin of Excellence: Commit to doing your best at whatever your do, with whatever you have now. Excellence is a choice much like mediocre work. If you choose to shine always, the world will take notice.
  1. Vitamin of Humor: A hearty laugh can change the worst of days. Try and find that reason to smile every day. Some days, things will fall apart, work will be crappy and you will feel like a complete failure. Master that laugh, see some fun even in the darkest hour and soon the sun will be shining bright again.
  1. Vitamin of Initiative: Take that leap. Have faith. Say yes to challenges. Promote your strengths, bag that assignment. Growth is a process of trial and error. Commit to learning and developing your life into new directions. You will be surprised at your own boldness.
  1. Vitamin of Love: Need I say more? Love is the only emotion that is really worth investing in. Nurture your relationships, start with yourself first. Love yourself today, for all that you are. Forgive yourself for your mistakes, learn your lessons and go ahead with your head held high. There is only one YOU. Celebrate and love that unique DNA of yours.
  1. Vitamin of Money: We all want it but we are so scared of managing money. Stay on top of your money game. Money is power, when used with right intentions. Know your spending patterns and learn how to make money work for you.
  1. Vitamin of Beauty: Live with beauty and elegance. You needn’t have the most luxurious artefacts at home – make the most of what you can. A local painting, a stunning vase of flowers, some pretty cushions, white linen and clean decor – small improvements can bring a big facelift to your surroundings.
  1. Vitamin of Integrity: Live with your values. Easier said than done I know but try this. If you don’t know what your values are, anything will be good for you. Don’t settle for a life which does not seem true to your inner self. Staying committed to your values will ensure that you have a better chance of creating your version of Life, than dancing to other’s tunes and visions of how you should live.
  2. Vitamin of Gratitude: As long as you are breathing, remember possibilities exist. Life is a gift, and we are lucky to be living in such a dynamic time. Live your fullest and best life. Dare to meet Life being your best, and remember to say Thank You for all that you have received. Imagine for a moment, what if you didn’t have what you have now? Could it have been worse?  Appreciate your present.
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