International Volunteer Day

Volunteer Today – Celebrate International Volunteer Day

If you wish to contribute to the world’s development, today is the day when your every effort will get counted. Volunteer for any small or large task and celebrate the International Volunteer Day with pride. Dec 5th is celebrated worldwide as the International Volunteer Day. It is one day, where every one of us gets a chance to volunteer for various organizations and lend our hand in doing good for the society, community and humanity.

The International Volunteer Day is a unique opportunity for us to work with all government agencies, NGOs, community groups and other non-profit organizations that work for the enhancement of our society and world. This allows us to pay a special tribute to the various welfare organizations and also maintain global peace. This is a special way of joining the hands of millions of volunteers from all across the world and thus, making the world a better place.


The International Volunteer Day was first time established on the 17th December, 1985 by the United Nations General Assembly. And since then, all governments, civil society organizations together celebrate the International Volunteer Day on the 5th December.

Celebrating the 2013 International Volunteer Day

Merge with the various online NGOs, civil organizations, government communities, etc. and work in the various development projects to better our society and world.

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