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10 Hot Tips To Buy Lingerie Online

For women, shopping is the inseparable part of their life. No Shopping…No Fun…No Joy…No Positivity…No Good Life! But, when it comes to shopping online, very few prefer buying lingerie from the several online sites. Yes, you do get the best designs, the best collections, the best brands and all the sizes which you may never had availed in your local lingerie store. But, the confusion in size, the quality and fabric all together force a woman to compromise and choose something simple from her local store. But not anymore. Here are 10 hot and helpful tips you would love following, especially if you want to buy that sexy little bikini piece or that baby doll night suit from an online store that you always wished to purchase.

  1. Be in a Mood to shop

 girl in good mood

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Get into the sensuous mood to shop some good and sexy lingerie for your pleasure. Make sure your mood is light and not exhausted. A lot depends on your mood for shopping.

2. Measure your assets before you start surfing


Take a measure tape and practically measure your assets perfectly before you start checking the new designs and patterns. This will help you get the best lingerie and with the perfect fitting.

3. Fix your budget


Lingerie are the most essential piece of clothing for a woman. The type of lingerie you wear can add a lot of confidence to your everyday behavior. A sexy piece can add more sensuousness to your personality. But, it is important that you don’t get carried away by the designs alone. Having a budget is important, especially if you don’t want to spend thousands on them.

4. Visit Different Lingerie Website

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You have to go through a few websites to check up with the rates and the discounts. Every site has different rates and it differs from brand to brand. You have to judged the best lingerie from the websites that you tend to visit. This will make you aware about the quality and range of the lingerie.

5. Choose carefully

choose carefully

Go for brands that you are already comfortable with. In case you wish to try a new brand, make sure you check their size chart, the fabric used and the return policy before placing an order. Check the patterns, designs and its price before adding it to your cart. Also make sure you choose based on your needs. For instance, a regular wear lingerie will be different from your honeymoon lingerie. A regular gown will be different from your Valentine’s Day gown, etc.

6. Check your Criteria for purchase

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Assure that you check the different criteria of the bra. Such as price, fabric, cups and basic bra fitting that is mentioned online. This can assure that you get the best piece that you wish according to the fitting that you need. Also ensure that you do check the product description wherein you can come to know about the product in a better way.

7. Take advice from their helpline

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Don’t feel shy to ask their help desk for the sizing issue. Most online websites have a live customer question section where you can pop your question and also get its answer by an expert almost instantly. The people in the help desk are trained to help you choose and resolve your queries. You may also ask your friends for their suggestions if you are really confused.

8. Read their feedback section

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Never trust any brand blindly. Remember to check their customer feedback reviews before you order. Customers give their feedback based on their experience with the product. So, read the feed backs and then choose.

9. Never get carried away by the sexy display images

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Always remember the fact that these websites are here for business. They will lure you with their offers and their extremely attractive lingerie pictures with sexy models in them. But, remember the fact that you are a different individual with different skin tone, different body shape and different choice. What suits the model may not suit you. So, never get carried away by the images.

10. Narrow your choice and Avoid Confusionbra options

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It’s always a best decision to narrow down your choice to get the best and comfortable bra that makes you feel good from within. More the options more is the confusion.

So, to all the Ladies out there, Women Planet Wishes you a Happy Lingerie Shopping!

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