Dental Hygiene

4 Things You Should Replace More Often

Our personal hygiene products are manufactured to be disposable and there’s a really good reason for that. Your body is constantly producing by-products you need to clean off yourself and these products all work hard to do so. Many things we use to keep ourselves clean and presentable are often not replaced often enough. Here are our top 4 things that we use every day that we should consider replacing more often than we do.

Your Sponge

This is going to get a bit disturbing quickly, but consider how many dead skin cells are being shed and washed away with your bath sponge, pouf or loofah and how quickly the oils, soaps, and other body products are going to get trapped in that sponge and then left in a warm, moist shower environment. Replacing these sponges often will prevent bacteria growth and keep your sponge hygienic. You could also consider making the change to a cloth instead of a sponge so you can wash them with your laundry and keep them fresh and clean.

Your Razor Blade

The quickest way to damage your skin is to use a blunt razor blade. Instead of carefully and precisely cutting your hairs, it will pull them, and the damaged blade will scrape against your skin and cause micro-abrasions and irritations. No matter if it’s for your face, legs or under your arms, your razorblade should be changed often, and you should never use a blunt blade. You should replace your razor blade, quality dependent, every 5 to 10 uses.

Your Toothbrush

Probably the most well-known and often replaced item in this list is the toothbrush. A large amount of technology and research is put into our toothbrushes by manufacturers like Team Tech and we are taught that we need to replace our toothbrush when the bristles start to become misshapen and bend outwards. While this is a good rule of thumb, you should replace them even before this. You might have heard that it’s recommended it’s replaced about every 6 months. We should be aiming to replace them even more often than that. Many dentists say that a toothbrush shouldn’t ever be used past about 3 months.

Your Hairbrush

It’s probably been years since you last replaced your hairbrush and it might definitely be time to do so. Your hairbrush can accumulate a build-up from all your hair oils, hair products, and of course, matted hair. You might not think about it, but all that build-up can cause some scalp irritation. Apart from all the build-up, over time your hairbrush bristles will end up separating, and that’s a sure-fire sign that it needs replacing. An article in Women’s Health magazine recommends replacing your hairbrush as often as annually.

Replacing these and other personal hygiene products we make use of every day is important to ensure they are the most effective they can be. Many products will specify on the packaging how often they should be replaced or how many uses they will remain effective and we should pay attention to these recommendations.

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