5 Tips for Creating an Elegant Yet Creative Child’s Room

Decorating your child’s room is not easy for just anyone, especially when he/she wants to have a more grown-up and sophisticated rather than have a young and “cutesy” bedroom. However, sophisticated and elegant bedrooms don’t have to be vanilla. They don’t have to be stuffy, overdone, or expensive. There are many ways to add flair and creativity to sophistication and elegance to your child’s room. Here are 5 tips to help you.

  1. Add Abstract Water Color Paintings

water color painting

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Hand-created watercolor paintings are becoming a fast fad for decorating. It’s a wonderful idea to help local artists start small businesses, but also to explore your own creativity. There are many sites online to purchase one of these water color paintings, and typically they are very easily customizable. Find one that fits well with the color scheme and aesthetic of your child’s room. Even have the kiddo get involved in the process of choosing one. Not only are you making the room more elegant and sophisticated, but you are teaching your child a wonderful lesson in helping small businesses.

2. Use Canopy Beds

canopy beds

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Having a canopy bed is definitely a sign of an elegant aesthetic. It gives the room a sense of high class, sophistication, and nobility. Your child will also probably love the privacy that the curtains give the bed. To help pull the room together, use the same fabric or pattern/color for the window curtains that you do for the bed canopy. Or, if you prefer not to have curtains on the canopy bed, you can just leave the frame empty. By doing so, the frame becomes the centerpiece of the room and gives it a Parisian or contemporary flair.

3. Add an Accent Chair

accent chair

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Although your child is too old for a rocking chair, it’s still nice to include one in the bedroom. This can be used either as a reading chair, a place to hold beloved stuffed animals, or somewhere to sit. To add creativity to the chair, consider a custom made Parson’s chair. You could go with either a simple looking chair with an accent color that stands out in the room, or a plain white chair that still gives the room that elegant feel.

4. Use Rugs


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Rugs can really help to bring a room together. Depending on your child’s personality and preferences, use sophisticated fabrics like faux fur, or sophisticated patterns on a flat area rug. Use solid colored rugs for an accent color. Rugs can be used to outline the bed, or to denote a play area and make the room more inviting and comfortable.

5. Add in Thrift Shop Finds

gold frames

Thrifting for decorations is another very popular fad for all ages and rooms of the house. Find unique decorative pieces that look antique or give a distressed feeling. Use thrifted frames for pictures, art work, or quotes. Find classy pieces, like gold mirrors, to decorate the walls with. You can even purchase furniture like bookshelves or desks and re-purpose it to fit the color scheme and aesthetic of your child’s room.


Keep in mind that the creativity should come from your child’s growing and emerging personality. Have him or her be involved in the decorating process, but help guide and develop sophistication and elegance out of your child’s creativity and personality.

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