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6 Common Mistakes Women Make When Buying a Bra

Buying a bra is one of the easiest tasks for women. Isn’t it? OR Is it the trickiest task of all? Well, with the right knowledge and idea about choosing a good bra, buying the best fitting bra is nothing less than a minute’s time. But, if you are not clear about the size, shape and purpose of the bra, you may simply spend hours choosing the right fit.

Helping you further with choosing the right bra, here is a list of 6 common mistakes that women make when buying a bra. Avoid them and you will see yourself choosing bras’ like a pro from your favorite lingerie store.

  1. Wrong Band Size
    Buy a bra with the right band size. Most women mistake their band size and buy something to big for them. If the band size of your bra is bigger than needed, it will not support your breasts rightly nor will they give your breasts the needed lift.
  2. Wrong cup size
    Most women buy bras with the wrong cup sizes. Buy a bra with a cup size that encloses every tissue of your breast, avoiding spillage or bumps in the sides. Bras come in various Cup sizes. All you need to do is ask for the right size and make sure you wear them before you buy them.
  3. Following style
    For every fashion, there is a different type and style of bra available today. Whether you are wearing a t-shirt or a formal, you will find bras of various patterns, helping you look and feel comfortable in your clothes.
    You can find a t-shirt bra that can be worn under your regular t-shirts or a push-up bra for your evening parties. So, find the various styles of bras and wear them rightly with the right kind of clothes to look perfect.
  4. Fitting issues
    According to Bra experts, it is important that you check your bra fitting every 6 months. Our body constantly keeps changing and this is one reason why women need to check their bra fitting as well. Checking fitting is more important especially for women buying bra after pregnancy or weight loss.
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  5. Following overall body posture
    Most women, when buying bra, hardly give any consideration to their entire body. They simply focus on their breasts and not the shape of the body. According to experts:

    • For women with narrow shoulders, cross-back and multi-way style bras are a good option.
    • For women with broad back, balcony shapes are ideal.
    • For women with breasts wide apart, buy a low cut balcony shape bra.
    • For women with breasts closely set, buy a nice push-up bra to shape the chest.
    • For women with breasts of different size, wear a t-shirt bra with an extra pad in the cup of your smaller breast. This will give both your breasts an equal look.
    • For women after breast-feeding, buy a little padded balcony style bra to support and give shape to your breasts.
  6. Avoiding help
    In case you are not able to find the best fitting bra, never buy a bra which closely fits your size. In the future it may lead to breast pain and more. Without the slightest confusion or embarrassment, simply ask for help from the bra fitter to help you choose the right size.

Next time you go bra shopping… make sure you avoid these mistakes and choose the best ones for your tender breasts.

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