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7 Things I Learned From Women Around Me

Women had a larger impact in my life than men. Being a mamma’s boy since from childhood, I learned a lot from my mom. Everyone loves their mom but seldom does anybody consider their mom as an idol or a guide. Let alone mom, most of us especially the men don’t admire real women around us as we idolize the Goddess.

If you ask a man today, they will name Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Ratan Tata, Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan or Narendra Modi as their idols. There are only few who will see Indira Gandhi, JK Rowling, Angelina Jolie, Marissa Mayer, Ekta Kapoor, Deepika Padukone or Indra Nooyi as their idols who inspire them.

Many of you might argue what’s the difference when you learn the same things whether it comes from men or women. I agree with you completely and I am not volunteering here about the greatness of women compared to men as I don’t believe that either men or women are superior or inferior to each other. But it’s a clear fact that our society makes it quite difficult for the women to be recognized for their skills and greatness as compared to men.

Hence, most of the women in India who have the potential to achieve great feats in life spent their whole life in the four walls of their kitchen. The matter of fact is that whether in the outer world or as a house maker, a woman can give life lessons that no school, scholar or a successful business magnate can ever teach.

Luckily, I have encountered many great women in my life as my mother, as a sister, as a friend etc. that today I am a better person having learned so many things from them.Here is the list of 7 skills that a men should learned from women to lead a better organized and healthy life:

  1. Management


As a MBA graduate, you can easily manage a business as you understand everything about business administration. But is management restricted to businesses alone? Management skills are required in every field whether it is related to your corporate business problems or real life matters. A MBA graduate could help you manage a business whereas a woman can teach you manage your life. Right from their childhood, women are quite familiar with managing their stuff compared to men. They know how to manage, how to organize, and how to plan every small things in life.

Whether it is preparing food, organizing the house or shopping groceries, women can any given day do it better than men. Some of us feel that it’s their job but honestly speaking it is not. Just because they are good at it, we shouldn’t generalize tasks for men and women separately. Such management skills can be helpful for both men and women to lead an easy life.

  1. Display Emotions


Displaying emotions is for the weak. Isn’t it? No, my dear friend, it is not. There’s often a joke about displaying emotions that it is the ultimate weapon used by women to convince men for certain things. Right from the childhood, men are trained with the fact that crying or displaying emotions is for the weak and men don’t cry.

As a matter of fact, according to various researches by the health centers worldwide, crying or displaying emotions is quite natural and very healthy for human body. Instead of resisting your emotions, you must let it out either in the form of laughter or tears. Getting emotional is natural whether it is for men or women. In our society, there’s this cheap mentality prevailing that relates crying to manhood or masculinity. So get out of this myth and next time when you feel like crying then let the tears shed from your eyes irrespective of what others says.

  1. Patience


There’s an ongoing debate in the world about the patience level in men and women. Men says that women are highly impatient as compared to them while women oppose that. This simple argument can be easily solved by the fact that a women carries the child in her womb for 9 long months patiently to deliver the baby. Now, tell me can you beat this? You can’t. It is the ultimate test of patience and a responsibility awarded only to women by the nature. Thanks to our patriarchal society, men are impatient right from the beginning. They need everything on time and most men become restless if things don’t go as planned or on time. Being punctual is good but sometimes things don’t go as planned and at such times one has to remain calm and have some patience.

While right from the start, women are trained to wait for everything. Though the things have changed today, you will find very few men who are very patient compared to women. Men could learn the skill of patience from women who know for a fact that being impatient isn’t going to help anybody.

  1. Multi-tasking

multi tasking women

Mutli-tasking is not everybody’s cup of tea but I have seen some women who manage multiple tasks at the same time brilliantly. We, men by nature are not good at multi-tasking as we are driven by focus to accomplish different tasks. Shifting focus from one task to another is very difficult for men. As a result, they are not as good as their counterpart when it comes to multi-tasking.

However, women on the other hand don’t rely on focus to accomplish their tasks and hence could do 3-4 different tasks at the same time. It doesn’t mean that women are not at all focused while doing their tasks. This quality in women is the hardest to adapt for men because no matter how much we argue, at the end of the day both men and women are different in nature. Yet, you can learn a few skills by observing women in your family or at work and get better with multi-tasking.

  1. Respecting Others


I will be at war with my fellow men out there if I say that they should learn the skill of respecting others from women. But I wouldn’t back out. By respect, I don’t mean respecting elder relatives in your family or school teachers. In fact, I meant respecting others generally whether you know the person or not.

We, men are known to take fights for small issues and start swearing out in the public when we could let go the incident. Every day, you can notice one or two fights among men in the public for a small accident or something else. It has given us the identity of being more violent as compared to others. There are hardly any men out there who don’t curse others while talking and thanks to our Bollywood movies, violent men are considered to be more popular than the calm ones. I am not saying that women don’t fight at all but the cases compared to men are quite low. Women are known for their respectful tone and often the fights over small things gets easily dissolved without much drama. Men must learn to be respectful not just to women but to everyone.

  1. Being Polite

Continuing with the 5th point about “Respecting Others”, women understands the value of being polite while men carry their ego everywhere. Women too most often become jealous or egoistic but they always speak politely unless they are into a fight. Being polite with others make them want to talk to you and meet you most often.

If you’re running a store or business, with your polite tone, the customers would want to buy the service or products from you most often while a rude tone would fend off the customers. In life, there are many benefits of having a polite tone while talking to others and you can easily learn this skill from women around you.

  1. Communication Skills


Nobody can beat women when it comes to gossiping. No offence to all the ladies but it’s a fact. The more difficult it is for men to start a conversation, the easier it is for women. Women by nature are more talkative than men and hence this factor makes them good at communication skills as well. It doesn’t mean that all men are introvert while all the women are extrovert.

From my own experiences, I have observed that women break the ice at formal events well better than men do. As men, it is natural for us to carry our ego everywhere and hence it stops us from approaching someone to strike a conversation. However, women don’t have such issues. If you try, there’s much more about communication skills that a women could teach you during social events.

In the end, women can teach men a thing or two and men could learn a lot from women if they cut down the ego part a bit.

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