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The Need For Sex – An Indian Story!

Sex is often related to lust in India and it is a taboo according to our Indian culture to talk about it. We have certain rules and guidelines regarding sex which changes according to different traditions or religious practices.

No matter how much we keep quiet on the topic, we can’t possibly ignore it. Sex is a need for everyone unless and until you decide to live a celibate life. According to many experts, sex is said to be a great Stress Reliever and ultimate source of happiness from pleasure. Above all, it’s nothing evil but a natural process that all of us did or will encounter someday in our lives.

When it comes to the topic, there’s always a misconception surrounding men that they are all in for sex while women are more about the emotional attachment. The fact is that our approach towards sex is completely different from that of woman but we do have an emotional quotient that plays an important role while being intimate.

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Does a man think about Sex 24 hours?

No, we don’t. This speculation is actually an exaggeration as many studies have proved that men think about sex more than women do. The reason being that men are stimulated much easier and quicker as compared to women but that doesn’t mean that we have nothing else in our mind. There’s no great difference between how men and women look at sex. Although, the approach is different, both men and women expect same things while they are intimate.

Men just like women are also looking for an emotional bond while getting intimate when in a relationship. However, in case a one-night stand or indulging in sex just for fun, a mere attraction is enough for men whereas most women are often reluctant to take sex casually. The main difference between the approach towards sex for men and women is the timing. Men take physical intimacy as an act of acceptance while women look for emotional connection, it doesn’t mean we are in just for sex.

To understand this, you must get into a man’s shoes. To explain it in the simplest way, men wish to have sex as soon as possible in a relationship while women wait for the right time and only give in once they are confident about the future of the relationship. For a man, getting into a physical relationship with a woman builds the trust towards the woman, while women on the other hand want to trust the man they are with before getting into an intimate relationship. So, the next time your man is trying to get intimate with you rather than seeing it as lust, consider it as an act where he wants you, an act where he accepts you as a whole.

Thus, mostly men are often mistaken to be more inclined towards sex than women.

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How women approach sex differently?

Only a woman or a psychologist can give 100% accurate answer for this question. Yet from my observation, I have learned that women in India are often shy to talk about sex in general because it’s not just a taboo in our culture for women to discuss sex, but it’s immoral too which I believe is a crap mentality.

Sex is a natural act and there’s nothing evil or being ashamed about. Although, the thinking is slowly changing with the new generation. Yet even today, most women consider themselves as a tool for their man to get pleasure rather than themselves too enjoying the act. They are reluctant to take charge as they are worried about the repercussions later about what their spouse or boyfriend will think of them as sex is often connected towards culture. In our culture, it is believed that an ideal woman is someone who is shy by nature and adhere to others needs even while they are in the bedroom with their spouse. For me, this concept of characterizing women is completely wrong as it forces women to suppress their needs or desires. Sex is an act that should be enjoyed by both men and women. It’s not about claiming dominance in a relationship instead it is about submission to enjoy moments of intimacy fully. Making love is something that could give immense pleasure and heavenly experiences to a couple.

Why Sex is Important in Life?

Sex is a need for all of us but it is also important for many reasons that most of us are unaware of. It is not just an act of pleasure but a process that makes your body healthy, both physically and psychologically.

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Let me tell you some important facts about sex that you didn’t possibly know:

  • Sex can be an excellent pain killer as it is learned that orgasms releases hormones that help you withstand pain for a longer period of time.
  • Sex is also known to be an effective stress buster as it helps lower down your blood pressure which plays an essential role to calm you down.
  • Sex is found to be an ultimate and most importantly natural cure for headaches.
  • To counter aging, it is recommended to have sex at least 3 times in a week which can help you look 4-7 years younger.
  • If you wish to burn calories, there can’t be a better pleasuring workout than making love which can burn 100 calories in a single sex session.
  • Having sex can improve your creative skills too. So, the next time you are looking for inspiration you know what to do.
  • Peeing right after having sex helps in preventing any kind of urinary tract infections.
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