8 Successful Ways To Boost Your Relationships

The year 2014 is gone and so have the bad experiences and relations. As we now step into the New Year, 2015, lets make a small effort in strengthening all our relations, may it be with your darling mother, dictating father, the always fussy sibling or your partner. Its time we make a small effort in making our bonds stronger and cherish their sweetness for an eternity.

So, if you are still having problems handling relations and making them sail smoothly, here are 8 tried and tested tips to help you boost the love and strengthen your relation. Seriously, try them out and see the magic yourself.

  1. Analyze your Relation with an open Mind
    Before you start acting upon your decision to strengthen your relations, first take some time out and analyze it with a clear mind. Check if your relation is abusive, jealousy, dependent, disrespectful or too unbalanced. Based on these factors, then think of what you can do to improve your bonding.
    Say No to anger, jealousy, abusive language and Yes to love, trust, patience and sharing.
  2. Consider your happiness first
    Not all relations are perfect. You need to put an effort into them to make them Perfect. And most importantly, consider your happiness first and then that of others. If you are not happy, you can never help others become happy.
  3. Give time to Thrilling activities
    At some point of life, we all need an adrenaline rush to help us see things differently. Go for a wild adventure trip; watch some crazy movie with full butter popcorns with your family or partner; go to a romantic date (something you haven’t done with your partner for a long time), etc. and see how it brings positivity into your life.
  4. Understand your partner’s language
    This doesn’t literally mean you learn Greek or Latin to connect to your partner or family. Every individual has a different way of expressing things; different words to say their thoughts and different expressions to speak their mind. You need to understand this language to better understand and connect to your partner.
  5. Avoid Criticism, Contempt, Stonewalling and Defensiveness
    This is a basic rule for all relations, whether for your partner or relations. Always avoid criticism, being defensive about your mistakes and disapproving others’ decisions. Remember to respect others and communicate well to sort out issues.
  6. Be mindful always
    Relations are very difficult to manage, especially when you get carried away with your emotions and stop being mindful about your actions and decisions. In fact when you are mindful, you get to communicate more easily with your family and partner to sort out even the gravest conditions.
  7. Enjoy all happy moments
    Celebrate and enjoy all your happy moments. Capture the memories in the form of pictures or videos. Share your happy moments with your partner and family and celebrate them to strengthen your bond.
  8. Touch therapy
    As a child, we always loved to be hugged and touched by the people we loved most. But as we grow up, we forget staying In Touch with the people we love. Touching the people we love depicts our trust, support and safety for them. So, no matter if its just a hug, cuddle or a kiss, give the touch therapy to your family and partner to enrich your relation.
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