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A Day In Heaven!

Summer has just started for us and it has already started taking a toll on both our mind and body. The skin burning heat and excessive humidity, is taking it all from us, our tired and dehydrated body and mentally exhausted mind. So with a drained body and mind, I decided to kick-start my weekend with an indulgent spa at the HoE (Heaven on Earth). They surprised me with a special summer version of their extravagant therapies. I totally loved the sound of it, and so I signed myself up for an extra long session for myself.

A Complete Experience


We started off with a body scrub. The scrub was a soothing and cleansing lemon-walnut scrub specially designed for the summer. Following that was a relaxing body massage with lemongrass oil. The mild fragrance of the lemongrass and the unwinding massage opens up the mind and relaxes the body. Thereafter, a body wrap with a special mud pack felt like the ultimate cocoon with the perfect balance of the cooling effect of the mud and warmth of a tight hug! By the end of these rituals, not only did the body feel radiant, knot-free and supremely cleansed but the mind was just as calm and rejuvenated.

It is really impressive how HoE has understood and acknowledged the special requirements of the body and mind through the scorching heat of the summer. Their summer therapy ingredients are just what your body needs along with their ever-rejuvenating spa rituals.


Summer Special Facial

Another highlight of the summer therapies is their summer special facial. No creams, no masks – they use actual fruit extracts to treat your facial skin. Natural extracts for the ultimate hydration and cleansing that your face needs this summer. I have this on the top of my next-weekend-to-do list. What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite and try it out now!

About Heaven On Earth

HoE has 43 high-flying luxury spa outlets spread across India, Maldives and Seychelles! Their academic training center has trained more than 2000 therapists over the time, in an attempt to enhance your Spa experiences.

Summer therapies at the Heaven on Earth Spa will give you back a lot more of what the summer heat has taken! You can easily take a peek into their wide range of services as provided in their Facebook page or contact them at:

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