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U Have An Excuse I Have An Exercise – Wanitha Ashok

“Any exercise is better than no exercise”

In a world surrounded with n number of crash diets for “instant” results, various nutritionists and fitness experts are trying to get through to us saying that it’s not about being lean, but being fit. Weight loss is just a byproduct of a good lifestyle. For most people like me, diet is still workable but exercising is where all the motivation to get fit goes for a toss.

Wanitha Ashok, in her book “U have an excuse I have an exercise”, identifies this attitude and tries to work upon it. She not only reiterates the importance of healthy food, but also goes a step further to give us quick exercises that can be done just about anywhere (and not just the gym or fitness classes). The only one thing that is COMPULSORY in the book is some form of exercise that keeps all of your body active!

Her book works as a handbook to the smaller things you could do while you are struggling with waking up (like I do), brushing your teeth, driving your car, at your office desk or probably just watching TV. It has a detailed description of what is to be done, how it would affect you and in a lot of cases, photographs too.

I did not want to review this book without having experienced whether these exercises and the approach is workable at all for even the laziest of people like me. So, I started off a couple of days back from the place I totally love – THE BED! Wanitha Ashok suggests a set of 5 exercises that essentially work on your core, provide stability to joints and develop lean muscles (For all the girls out there, don’t be scared of the word muscles. Wanitha also elaborated on how weight training is important and is not synonymous to a physique of a body-builder).

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So well, I got onto doing the exercises and very surprisingly, I loved it. The exercises took away the lethargy that entails waking up and replaced it with a certain high that probably all exercises give. Hence, I also have started trying posture quickies and commuter exercises and am looking forward to a lot more of them now.

A small detail that I also like about the book is that the content is nice and bold and so, extremely easy to read. So, even when you are exercising, its easy to pass a quick glance and check what you are doing is right.

If you, just like me, were someone who suffers from an exercise excuse syndrome, I would highly recommend this book. It really gets you started off on how exercising feels and in an extremely non-intrusive manner.

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