The Sileu Menstrual cup

The Sileu Experience!!

The Product:

Menstrual cups are still picking up in the market so I am going to write about this product both from a first-time-user perspective and a regular user one. Menstrual cups may be easier for tampon users as compared to a sanitary napkin user, but they are meant for one and all. Sileu is made from medical grade silicone so if you are wary about putting anything inside your body, you may rest assured. For those who have been using tampons, you may not face issues such as drying of walls or fibre remnants. Sileu works wonders both ways – economically and hygiene-wise. Regular sanitisation keeps up the hygiene point of view. Reusability of menstrual cups make them far more economical than most forms of female hygiene products (Eco-friendliness is as added value). So if you have been wondering on whether to use a menstrual cup, I would highly recommend you to go aheada and do so.

The Sileu Menstrual cup 2

The Experience:

My experience with the Sileu menstrual cup has been pretty impressive. The silicone is softer than a few cups I have used before. This makes it easier for you to fold and insert the cup. I also felt that after insertion, it unfolded in a much easier fashion because of this softness of the material. The long stem wasn’t much of a help to me since the cups I used earlier had shorter ones (and so I was very used to that). But I feel the stem would help a newbie to place the cup and remove it a little easier. The soft silicone also aids easy removal of the cup without much of unwanted spillage. The cup is large and lasted me for almost 12 hours during my heavy flow days – just as the company claims. I did not have any leakage issues either. The cup did not pick up any unpleasant odour (upon regular washing with a neutral soap of course). All-in-all, the product was pretty good to use and I would recommend it. What, in my opinion, gives it a greater edge is the packaging. This brings me to the final part of the review.

The Sileu Menstrual cup 3

The Packaging:

The Sileu menstrual cup comes in a sturdy and compact pouch. One issue I have faced previously is that I keep on losing my cloth pouches for the cup. So eventually, I have no particular place to store my menstrual cup. The pouch makes it easier for me to locate the cup and also place it again after the cycle. Also, it comes with a collapsible jar for sanitising the cup. So if ever you are travelling and get your cycle or finish one for that matter, you may sanitise the cup right there and store. Basically, the packaging is a big USP for the product and makes the experience of the product a notch higher than the others by itself.

Verdict: The Sileu Menstrual cup is absolutely something you can bet your money on. The finer product refinements make the product experience very good.

P.S.: In case you are a first time menstrual cup user, do read the manual. The details are explained pretty well. Some people may recommend you to try the cup a few times before your cycle but please note that the walls may be a little dry around that time. Hence, the cup will not slide in as smoothly as it would during the periods. Please do not let this experience weigh you down. Also, if you have just started using the cup, use a panty liner in case of any leakages. You may need a couple of times to get used to the cup and how long you need before you need to empty the cup.

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