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A Little Chat, Hug And Time -Strengthening Your Parent – Child Bonding!

Parent-Child relationship is naturally full of love and respect. Maintaining the strength and health of the relation is something that needs effort and time. Parenting is not an easy job. You want to give and teach best of everything to your child like education, personality, sports, and arts to name a few. This means sending children to different classes and institutes which leads to busy schedules of parents and children. Where is the time in this schedule that you spend with children?

To maintain close relationships, an open communication with children is important. Children hesitate to share things with parents because of communication gap. Parents get concerned about child’s security very often (which is correct). But not communicating it to their children or scolding them but not explaining the reason is something that stops children to share things with them. Ensuring good open communication with children at every step will help you create a long lasting bond. Here are 6 simple tips which will enhance the parent-child bond:



Communicate your worries related to your child and explain why that bothers you. Let them ask open questions and answer those honestly giving examples for better understanding (preferably your own experience). Let the child be your friend and be a child when with them.

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Look for positive habits, gestures and expression shown by the child and don’t leave a single moment to appreciate it. Appreciate the positive and use positive language to improve the negative. This will give child confidence to showcase positive behavior.

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  1. SAY “I LOVE YOU” :

In times, when you or your children have disagreements express love and concern. Say “I Love You” and tell them what you think of that particular situation and your reason of anger.

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Kiss your kids good night (Father and Mother both). Read a bedtime story with moral values or which develops visualization in kids. Once the kids start reading let them read the story to you.

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Let the kids help you in shopping grocery, clothes (For you and your child), accessories or electronics. Take their help when planning meals or arranging parties.  Let them decide the place of vacation and ensure they search information thoroughly before deciding. This will help enhance your Bond with kids and simultaneously develop kid’s decision making, planning and organizing skills.

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  1. PLAY:

Play with your children more often and become a kid with them. Bonding while playing is a beautiful concept and it works miraculously. Try different sports like cycling, dancing, swimming or cricket with your kids. Cook with the help of your kids or simply go for a walk every evening. Do whatever is fun and interesting with positive attitude of just spending time together.

Try any of these and have patience. There is an assumed image of parents in India which is not very flexible. Break that image and become friends with your children. Give respect to get respect and love. Make them a priority in your life; eat meals together as a family or let kids plan Sunday evenings. Kids respond positively when they see love because they understand only one expression that is love.

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