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The Independent, Strong And Impressive Housewife!

Are you a housewife? Do you wish to stand out of the crowd? Do you wish to have a strong social presence and a healthy house atmosphere?

Every housewife struggles to adjust after marriage in the new environment (the new home, new friends, new routine). Every housewife wants to make an identity especially in front of her Husband, In-laws and Husband’s social group. We make a lot of efforts to impress everyone or make everyone like us. In this process what we forget is that, we have our own unique identity and we can stand out of the crowd, make an impression on every person we meet in our own unique way. Understand the following steps to stand out of the crowd without walking out of our comfort zone.

Steps to stand out of the crowd in your own unique way and make a lasting impression:


1. Attitude: Every person carries a positive and a negative attitude. In this scenario highlight your positive attitude. Be enthusiastic and energetic to try new things, be it new ways of socializing to forming new habits according to in-laws. A person who is upbeat and passionate stands out of the crowd. No matter what may come, you may not feel comfortable or can get annoyed over silly things but keep your confidence at peak and everyone will notice it. Be constructive and encouraging rather than complaining, negative, rude and destructive.

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2. Engagement: Be friendly. Let your original and natural personality show through. Don’t make assumptions or be biased on pre-mature experiences. Build long lasting relationships with trust and honesty. Show genuine interest in their lives and their thoughts. Bring in new ideas or habits to be developed in your family or in social group which is creative and entertaining. Use your skills in forming a healthy atmosphere, thus pleasing everyone around you.

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3. Communicate with open heart: Communicating with open heart is a key factor in building relationships. Pay careful attention to how you express yourself not only face-to face but finding alternative ways like preparing a special gift, preparing special food with love and many more. Always be confident, respectful and clear in all your communications. Also, develop listening skills. People love to talk to someone who listens to them with full attention and who understands and absorb what people are saying.

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4. Contribution: Be dedicated to what you do. Gather all the information about other person’s likes and dislikes and keep it in mind. Be part of voluntary work for better social presence (that is if you like doing such work).

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5. Do things creatively: There are always alternative interesting ways to do things. Little efforts every now and then are appreciated and remembered. Express your creativity and look for innovative solutions. Organize dinner parties and make sure to create an ambience with dim lights, flowers, candles and above all good food. Fix a family day and arrange different surprise for all the members. Delight the family by arranging things according to their preference. “Think out of the Box”.

Understand what people want and give your unique touch. Remember you are unique in your own different way. You just need to put it up in a well thought manner. Be active in bringing smile on everyone’s face and you will stand out of the crowd. Be bright! Stand strong! Love to all the beautiful ladies reading this.

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