Dr. Karishma Jaradi

Aesthetic Dentist, Dentzz Dental

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Smile Nice”, with that as her axiom, Dr. Karishma Jaradi, an Aesthetic Dentist and an Implantologist, is in charge of the maintenance of the strict standards of care and professionalism at Dentzz Dental. She is synonymous with Aesthetic Dentistry in India. After practising dentistry for several years, she has outstanding skills & knowledge. Her practical skills and passion for excellence give her patients the kind of results they expect.

Dr. Karishma has given numerous presentations and seminars such as: ‘Occlusion, Physiologic and Traumatic” and “Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis”. She has also trained junior dentists in areas related to Aesthetic Dentistry and headed dental camps such as ‘World Anti – Tobacco Day’. Dr. Karishma Jaradi is also on the medical advisory board of Recover Discover (www.recoverdiscover.com)

Dr. Karishma Jaradi takes tremendous pride in providing “camera-ready” smiles to people from all walks of life – business people, actors, children, and teens – anyone who understands the value of a healthy, sparkling smile.

As Dr. Karishma puts it: ‘On the one hand there is the skin and the face, that’s why patients go to a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon. On the other, there is the smile, which is an important part of the face. We complement the role of the dermatologist and plastic surgeon in creating that beautiful look.’

Dr. Karishma Jaradi’s expert columns have been featured exclusively in Bombay Times, Times Wellness, Whats Hot, Times Rougue, Health & Nutrition, Indiwo.com, Midday, Maharashtra Times, Femina, India Today, Time Out.

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