Tips To Dodge Cavities This Festive Season

The festive season is just around the corner, this is the time we spend having fun and are engrossed in celebrating the festivities with family and friends. One of the things that we look forward to during the festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri and Diwali are that we get to munch on some delectable comfort foods. While we rejoice the festive fervor, we face the most challenging dilemma, whether to enjoy our most favourite treats and dread dental cavities or to stay away and crave.

Most of the season’s favourite traditions revolve around delicious sugary treats. Hence, during festivities and celebrations, it is next to impossible to evade temptations seeing so many sweets around especially when you have a sweet tooth. The sugar-rich laddoospedas, and karanjis are some of the few things we look forward to. While these edibles may taste utterly delicious, all of that sugar can really cause disorder to your healthy dental condition by creating a direct entry to unwanted germs and cavities. With the additional load and guilt of consuming a lot of sweets and sugary beverages during the festivals, some of us invite tooth decay and cavities instantly after its over. While it is definitely difficult to ban yourself from munching sweets altogether during the festivals, but there are a few steps you can take to facilitate in minimizing any havoc caused to your teeth and gums.

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Here’s How to Avert the Build-up of Cavities During the Festive Season:

In order to flaunt on those Pearly Whites even after you Eat Sweets, instead of worrying, it is feasible to set guidelines that can go hand in hand in not only satisfying your cravings but also in keeping your cavities at bay. Welcome the festive spirit keeping in mind a few tips and tricks of the trade for you to enjoy the goodies and have a healthy smile throughout!

  • As the sweet intake is higher throughout the season than in normal scenario, flossing every night is essentially required. It helps to clean the food stuck in between the teeth and also reduces the formation of bacteria and germs.
  • To drink plenty of water after consuming something sweet is also one of the requisites. Drinking water can be as effective as flossing. It aids to enter in between the teeth, which averts the sugar from doing as much harm as it can.
  • Avoid consumption of drinks and food especially which includes sugar, between meals. It is also advisable to avert from drinking aerated drinks like soda due to its high content of sugar and acid which is not just harmful to teeth but also for your overall health.
  • You must shun consumption of alcohol since excessive intake of the same can pave way for gum ailments, tooth decay and other unwanted dental ailments. Moreover, alcohol can also reduce saliva production, thus causing dry mouth. It also leads to grave health issues; hence you must ensure you go easy on and limit your alcohol consumption during festivals.
  • Increase intake of food which are rich in calcium such as milk, yogurt, and cheese as they can help rematerialize the teeth and prevent cavity formation.
  • Rinsing your mouth after every meal helps to disinfect your mouth and keeps your gums healthy.
  • Mouthwashes have great anti-bacterial properties which also helps in limiting the colonization of bacteria in the mouth.
  • The technique of brushing also matters to keep the cavities at bay. Brushing preferably should be done in a vigilant manner. The entire area of teeth should be covered while brushing and it should last for a minimum of two minutes for optimum result.
  • Visits to the dentist on timely intervals do play a vital role in complete care but you should also maintain oral hygiene on a regular basis to safeguard your pearly whites from bacterial formation and several dental snags.

In order to take care of the teeth and gums in a proper manner, follow an oral hygiene regime, this will help you keep the various oral ailments away. Oral health and the wellness of other organs and systems in the body are strongly interrelated and hence oral hygiene should be accorded utmost importance for healthy living.

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