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The corporate arena constantly keeps you on your toes, either with a last-minute presentation or a project deadline, it’s really an unpredictable world. These unexpected situations bring along with them the most unwelcomed stress element. You are either required to wait back long hours working on your project completion or you are working towards attaining your future work goals, stressful life events like these tend to generate cravings for comfort food binging. Being seated comfortably before your laptops munching on a greasy slice of pizza may seem like the easiest way to escape from all your professional woes. You are almost halfway through the creamy donut, is when guilt and thwarting usually set in. Nothing seems to stop you from hogging while at work. All you know you have fallen prey to an eating disorder. And if you are of the opinion that your unhealthy eating habits will only wreak havoc to your body weight, you need to give it a second thought. Your faulty corporate binging habits have done nothing good to condense your stress levels, but have made ways to degrade your healthy oral hygiene.

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How can your professional career cause damage to your teeth?

While working round the clock, you probably are too busy to give importance or to even think about your oral health. Nevertheless, the dental microorganisms that cause cavities are bourgeoning all the time, even while you are busy working on an important presentation or even teaming up with co-workers on a novel work project. Your nutritional habits have a major role to play in safeguarding your oral health care. Curbing your intake of sugar-rich foods that have a major role to play in building-up of cavities, is the most common guidance that you get to hear to defend your dental condition. Constantly munching on acidic and fatty edibles can equally have negative impacts on your enamels. Sugars and acids work in synchronization in harming your oral condition. Unnoticed bacteria live in your mouth at all times. These germs have the capability of forming a sticky material called plaque that lies on the surface of your enamels. The moment there is consumption of sugar, the microorganism present in the plaque tend to bolt up the sugary stuff and translate them into acids which have a great ability to melt the hard enamel that covers your teeth. And with this begins the procedure of cavity built-up. While at work the continuous chewing of gums to nibble on those lubricious all the day can serve to be the main entry to the invading bacteria. By limiting your sugar ingestion, the bacteria won’t be able to generate enough acidic substances that eat away the enamel.

Before your Corporate Eating Habits take a toll over your pearly whites, it’s important to make a note of the various Dental Effects caused by overeating while at work.

  • While you constantly binge over junk edibles, your gums and soft tissues in your mouth receive less amount of nutrition. Due to lack of proper nutrition, these soft tissues in the mouth may start to bleed and the salvia-producing glands may swell. These may further cause long-lasting dryness in the mouth.
  • Hogging over edibles that lack an adequate amount of calcium is bound to promote tooth decay and gum ailments. Along with eating foods rich in calcium it is necessary to consume edibles that are rich in levels of Vitamin D to aid the body to absorb it.
  • A scarce amount of iron can encourage the growth and development of blisters inside the mouth. Insufficient quantities of vitamin B3 (also called niacin) causes bad breath and canker sores in the mouth, causing gums to turn red and swollen, a sign of dental gingivitis. The mouth can also be tremendously dry, due to dehydration, and lips may become sore and dry.
  • Another dental snag associated with eating disorders is a condition called degenerative arthritis within the temporomandibular joint in the jaw. During the onset of arthritis in this joint it may generate discomfort in the joint area, lingering headaches and difficulties chewing and opening and closure of the mouth.
  • A regular binge-and-purge series can cause an expansion of the salivary glands. Inflamed glands can be tender and are often noticeable to others, which can cause emotional suffering.
  • While you work without pressing the stop button, keeping a track over what you eat and also looking at the health quotient of the edibles consumed by you almost becomes a daunting task. Also, since we are used to just sitting in one place, binging constantly during work hours might not just obstruct your healthy enamels but will also lead to unwanted weight gain and other weight-related health issues.

How can one cure this dental malady?

  • If you experience the desire to indulge, get your hands over to nourishing and wholesome edibles which are high in vitamin B, calcium and iron. Uphold a good dental health by steady tooth brushing and flossing. Try and limit the number of times you tend to binge while working.
  • After you purge, you should instantly rinse your mouth with water or with a sugar-free mouth rinse.
  • A dry mouth, or xerostomia, may be caused due to poor dental hygiene. This condition is the root cause behind the deterioration of teeth. Cleansing the mouth with water will facilitate in keeping tooth decay at bay.

The above-mentioned strategies will definitely aid you in recuperating from the binge-eating episode during work hours before it takes a toll on your healthy dental condition.

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