8 Effective Means To Burn That Stubborn Belly Fat!

No matter how many corsets or spas your body must’ve gone through but that piece of fat just sits there showing no signs of departure? Leaving your stomach bestowed with amusing nicknames such as Pot Belly, Love Handles or Spare Tire. Let’s be honest, no one likes that extra flab and we’ve all taken some step towards this, but doesn’t seem to work☹ Yes, it’s most difficult to lose that pot belly, but trust me pushing yourself a little further will show you success!

Besides, this layer of fat around your abdomen can indicate danger too, intensifying risk of innumerous issues like Heart diseases, Type-2 Diabetes, certain type of cancer, Infertility, Back pain, knee pain, gastric trouble etc

Following are 8 effective means to burn that stubborn belly fat:

1. Skipping Meals is a big NO NO:

Likeliness of turning towards Overeating or Junk increases in the next meal while you skip meals!

This is causing you to gain belly fat as eating more than your body requirements results into stressing your digestive system, creating confusion to over work at one point and under work at the other results in hormonal imbalance resulting in that layer of visceral cells around midriff.

2. Eat More Proteins:

Adding proteins to your diet would firstly help you boost yours body’s metabolic activities. Secondly it gives a sense of fullness. Protein rich foods which can be added in your meals could be Rajma, Tofu, Sprouts, Curd, etc

* Adding curds to your diet gears up your body’s fat-burning engines, introduces good bacteria and the best part-trims your tummy!

3. Balanced Diet :

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The key to losing that pooch is a healthy and balanced diet. It respects portions and never misses on any nutrients. Distribution of various types of nutrients like-  Carbohydrates (Whole wheat, brown rice,oats), Protein(Curds,Beans,Sprouts), Fat(Almonds ,Avacado,Ghee) in each meal makes your plate nourished

4. Fiber To The Rescue!

Not only does fiber help in clearing the GI tract, leading to a flatter stomach but most importantly it gives you satiety. Introduce your body to fiber in forms like Fruits (even dried fruits) like Prunes, Bananas, etc; Oatmeal, Veggies like Guar gum, Bhindi

5. Beer Belly? Heck, Yes!

Sipping more of it creates havoc with your shape. Alcohol keeps your body from burning fat and also increases your appetite. So all you can do is Drink Smart like replacing soda with water and cutting down the number of glasses you guzzled down  What helps is having any kind of beverage in a tall, thin glass instead of a wide, short one – it tricks your mind into believing that you are drinking more. Great trick right? And it works! Try it!

6. Move It!


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EXERCISE!  The best way to slim down the middle is to include Cardio or sports in your exercise regime, helping you reduce the fat percentage and of course burn the calories!This will help you look toned and less flabby. So, exercising not only helps to lose the belly but also shed fat from other regions.

6. Yes, De-stress!

One of the biggest culprits, stress can result in a number of ailments, and being tired often tops the list. So it makes sense then, when it is said that beating stress will automatically help alleviate that feeling of constantly being tired. While there are many way to deal with stress – meditation, working out, listening to music, following a hobby. First you need to determine what is causing all that stress.  

7. Sugar CRUSH!!

Is sugar really the answer to happiness?  You know that it is not right to complete that piece of sinful chocolate. And yet you do it, only to feel guilty later on. This is called having a guilty conscience in “retrospect”. Next time, count until 20 and remind yourself the horrid feeling you get after you have sinned. Hopefully, it should keep you off the sinful.

If you are having bad day, avoid sugar. Consuming sugar, a happy hormone serotonin might improve your mood temporarily, but will affect your HEALTH in long term. Keep yourself with some other activities like listening to music, going for a run, playing with kids etc.

8. Fluid It up!

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Water is a great tool in your weight-loss arsenal! Avoid dehydration as it makes belly fat worse by affecting your metabolism. Your body blunders thirst for hunger, which leads to greater calorie consumption. Increase the fluids in your diet in different ways like infused or detox waters,etc.

The Mind Commands. And the Body Obeys! 

We must pay attention to the things we tell ourselves – and the thoughts that pass through our head. Weight loss begins in our head; Train yourself to become thin!


Eliminate the crap from your diet like processed foods, alcohol, sugary items, etc. The apt balance of nutrients is the fundamental to unlock a disease-free body.

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