Dieting With Your Heart And Mind – How To Diet The Right Way?

You weight yourself and are not happy with the digits you saw on the weighing scale. You decided to lose weight and promise yourself that you will follow the regimen. As per plan for next few weeks, you follow all the things according to the instruction given in the plan. You are eating healthy foods, doing your bit of exercise on regular basis . 

And then few weeks into it, your motivation begins to go downhill.  Maybe you are stuck on in your weight loss or you’re bored with boiled vegetables, soups nights after nights, or you are losing control of not eating desserts or yummy oily food. A few slip ups and you are derailed, physically and emotionally. 

It’s common to start a new diet with a burst of energy and then lose motivation and keeping weight off isn’t simply matter of what you eat or how much you exercise is your mindset too:

  1. Eating slowly, chew every morsel of your food  and relishing every bite of it are some important features of Mindful eating which add to your health in several ways.
  2. Don’t skip Meals 

When you skip meals your body is in starvation mode – which in turn leads to over-eating in next meal which results in weight gain. Consuming small frequent meals  throughout the day will give energy and avoid binging. As it rightly said “ you are what you eat.”  A well-balanced diet will make sure that you don’t feel lethargic.

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Breakfast is an important meal, never miss on it, and if you are missing breakfast it means you start your day on low vigour. It will make you feel tired by lunch time, consuming a small serving of carbohydrates in each meal  – this will keep your blood sugar level stable and in turn keep fatigue at bay.

Emotional Eating – dessert? Is sugar really the answer to happiness?  

You know that it is not right to eat that piece of sinful dessert. And yet you do it, only to feel guilt-ridden later on. This is called having a guilty conscience in “retrospect”. Next time, count until 20 and remind yourself the horrid feeling you get after you have sinned. Hopefully, it should keep you off the sinful!

If you are having a bad day, avoid sugar. Consuming sugar, a happy hormone serotonin might improve your mood temporarily but will affect your HEALTH in long term. Keep yourself with some other activities like listening to music, going for a run, playing with kids etc.


Few minutes of meditation can considerably reduce stress, that mindful eating is a good way to lose weight, and that a mindfulness practice can lower high blood pressure, sleep disorder and also the pain.

The Mind Commands and the Body obeys! We must pay attention to the things we tell ourselves – and the thoughts that pass through our heads weight loss begins in your head. Train yourself to get thin!

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