Bag It All – Book Review

When you read a book, you look for something that inspires you or fascinates you to the core. Books that talk about the real life stories of people, their struggles, their failures and their triumphs have been my choice for one reason, they help you see even the faintest light in a dark room. ‘Bag It All’ by Nina Lekhi is the book that fits perfectly into this category.

About the Book

‘Bag it all’ is the biography of entrepreneur Nina Lekhi, the founder of Baggit who has created a massive 100 crore company right from the base. Published by Bushfire Publications, owned by Rashmi Bansal, ‘Bag it all’ is a true inspiration for everyone who reads it.

The book is all about the rise and failures experienced by Nina Lekhi, who established the company way back in 1990. But, the story starts right from Nina’s school days with little glimpses into her life as a kid from a middle class family and how certain events helped her become a strong, determined and creative person which helped her turn her failures into successes.

What makes the book more interesting is its narration which enchants you, not letting you give up the book for even a minute. The change of scenes from her childhood days to her adolescence and the creation of Baggit is all too very smooth. You will fall in love with Nina’s role as a creative girl, a student, a young entrepreneur(who doesn’t use the term Boss and considers her employees as her extended family ), a wife and a mother. The book, apart from showcasing about the success of an entrepreneur, also rightfully describes about the harsh and complex realities of life in a very simple manner.

So, Yes, the book for me has been a good read, something I will surely love reading again and get inspired from. As Nina says – “If I can do it, so can you!”

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