Beautiful Blouse Designs To Wear With Your Office Saree!

The Indian saree is the most popular outfit for office wear. Sarees are very comfortable and their ethnic appeal combined with their elegance makes them perfect for the office. Sarees can be worn by all women irrespective of your body shape, size or weight. Your formal saree will only achieve the right look if you pair it with a sophisticated but professional blouse design.

It’s important to remember to maintain the decorum of office wear while choosing the latest designer blouses. Don’t go for a simple blouse design that seems boring or one that is too fancy that it becomes inappropriate. Be very selective when choosing your formal wear blouse design to pair with your official saree. The blouse you wear with your office wear saree will make a huge difference in your overall look.

There are certain things you need to know when choosing the right blouse design for your saree.

  • Stay away from transparent, lace, and net blouse designs.
  • Choose saree blouse designs that are sober and well-covered. The neck should not be deep as this will be unethical and informal. Also, the back of the blouse should not have a fancy or deep cut design.
  • Choose blouses with high neck collars like the boat neck blouses, flap collars, high collar neck design that look classy and elegant for a formal look.
  • The blouse should fit your body properly without being too loose or too tight.
  • The fabric of the blouse should be comfortable and airy for the long hours in the office like cotton or denim.
  • Accessorize your outfit with jewellery pieces that will complement your office look.

Now that you know what to look out for let’s see the different saree blouse designs you can choose from.

Collar Neck Blouse Design

                         collar neck                

This type of blouse is popularly worn as an office wear blouse design. This blouse design comes in many variations that you can experiment with at Stylecaret like the Peter Pan collar, Chinese collar, butterfly collar and many more. The patterns on the collar give you a formal look but still look stylish with your office wear saree. You can also opt to choose either a full or half sleeved blouse.

Jacket Blouse       jacket blouse

A jacket blouse is a very official blouse to pair with your office saree to get that corporate look. A striped jacket blouse has a different but official look. You can also opt for a short jacket blouse that will still be perfect with your office wear saree.

Boat Neck Blouse

              boat neck             

This is a stylish and elegant blouse design that you can pair with an office wear saree. However, be careful not to choose a blouse with too much decorative work on it like crystal work or sequins. You can go for a simple printed boat neck blouse with a chunky neck piece or silver jewellery to avoid over-accessorizing.

Peter Pan Collar Blouse with Polka Dots

A simple but elegant polka dot peter pan collared blouse with three-quarter sleeves. Mostly worn as a casual wear blouse but also perfect to pair with an office wear saree.

Formal shirt pattern blouse

Another saree blouse design that is perfect with an office wear saree because of its simplistic yet stylish look. This blouse is a button down shirt with a collar and cap or short sleeves. Women with long necks and slender body shapes will look perfect wearing this blouse with an office wear saree.

Front U and V Neck Blouses

                              U and V neck

The simple U and V neck blouses may be old school but they are still trending. These evergreen blouses suit all body shapes which is the best thing about them. Be careful not to choose a U or V neck blouse with a deep neck pattern as it will be inappropriate for the office. The sleeves and the back have different designs you can choose from.

Long Sleeve Saree Blouse

Long sleeve saree blouses are popular with office going women as they can be worn during winter or summer. These saree blouses prevent your hands from tanning during the hot summer days. A cotton full or three-quarter sleeved blouse is perfect to pair with an office wear saree and accessorize with a watch to complete the look.

Slitted Back Neck Blouse

The slitted neck design on this blouse is very simple yet very appealing when you wear it. This neck blouse has a simple slit at the center of the back section of the blouse with a button at the top to attach both slits. Pair it with an office wear saree for that simple but elegant look.

Broad Neck Blouse

This is a modified version of the U neck blouse design. This is a popular blouse design you can wear if you want to experiment on different collar designs to style up your look.

Plain Front Jute Blouse

Jute blouses are very popular in the Northern part of India. This simple but beautiful jute blouse has a stiff finish with front buttons. This blouse has a simple neckline with no work done on it. When paired with an office saree, the jute blouse gives you a rich look.

Potli Button Back Opening High Neck Blouse

The potli buttons on the back of this high neck blouse are arranged in a row with hook fasteners. The buttons sport a contrasting colour to the blouse which makes then stand out and the blouse becomes more appealing. This is the oldest potli button design that is still preferred in modern designs.

Front Zip Attached Blouse

Instead of going for a blouse with hooks or buttons, go for a blouse witha zip at the front or back. The zip can be of the same or contrasting colour to the blouse to give you a different look. This blouse has a high neck design that will suit the office wear saree.


Office wear blouse designs don’t have to be dull and ugly. You can style it up with appropriate jewellery so that you feel elegant even in the office.

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