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Bed And Backache – Why Your Mattress Is Giving You A Severe Back Problem?

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel all rejuvenated and fresh or wake up with a sore back? What about now, do you have a back ache even while you are reading this article? I would guess yes!

Back problems have become a common problem in today’s time. Blame it on your over hectic schedules, lack of physical activities, improper sleeping position or even your mattress! Yes, you read it right! Your mattress might just be one of the main culprits for your back pain. But how?

Can your Mattress be the Reason for Your Severe Back Pain?

Lets first try and identify the reason for your back ache. Your back pain can be caused due to a number of factors such as:

– Aging

– Old injuries

– Inactive lifestyle

– Excessive activities

– The mattress you sleep on

Now that you know all the possible reasons for your backpain, you should next try and think about the time when your back pains the most. Is it during office hours, after a workout or soon after you wake up in the morning. The answer to this question will also give you the answer to the reason for your back pain.

Is Your Mattress the Culprit?

– If your back aches even after a small stretch out session in the morning, it is positive that your mattress is the main reason for your aching and sore back.

– If you keep tossing and turning on your bed frequently at night, trying to find a more comfortable position to sleep, it is yet another sign that your mattress is the reason for your back ache.

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Why is Your Mattress Giving you a Back Pain?

Back support and comfort while sleeping are very essential for a good night’s sleep! If your mattress doesn’t give your back proper support while you are sleeping, you will most likely wake up with an aching back in the morning.

There are no single style and type of mattresses that are designed especially for people suffering from back pain. A mattress that comforts your back and supports it, will help you sleep peacefully at night and stay away from back problems. However, it is best if you choose mattresses that are high quality, comfortable and also support your back.

How to Choose the Best Mattress For You?

Check the Components of the Mattress: Coils or springs in a mattress provide support to the mattress. The padding on the top decides the thickness of your mattress. The depth of your mattress can vary from 7 inches to 18 inches. Choose the number and type of coils or springs used in the mattress and the type of padding when you buy a new mattress.

– Check for Back Support: When choosing a mattress, check whether the mattress provides support to the natural curves of your spine. Proper back support helps avoid soreness in the muscles of your back. According to research, it has been found that mattresses with medium-firm padding give more relief to your back pain than firm mattresses.

– Balance Between Comfort and Back Support: Sleeping on a firm or a very soft mattress can be both uncomfortable and painful for your back. While sleeping on a medium-firm mattress is comfortable and also supports your shoulders and hips when you lay down on it. Make sure the mattress topper you choose is medium firm and just perfect for your aching back. Mattress toppers can be made from feather, latex, foam, etc. However, the memory foam mattress toppers are considered as the best for their comfort and support.

 – Changing Your Old Mattress: An old mattress sags down visibly and becomes highly uncomfortable to sleep on. It is most idle to change your mattress and the mattress topper every 9 years to stay away from back ache and other back problems.

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