Cape Town Secrets: Local Activities every Tourist Should Do

1.Visit the Franschhoek Wine Valley

wine valley

Franschhoek is approximately 45 minutes from Cape Town making it a truly pleasant day trip. No matter who you ask, Franschhoek is always a suggested must-do for the tourists who appreciate exquisite scenery, wine, good food and incredible accommodation –  and, of course, few people turn down the option to visit! Franschhoek has become very popular and tourists just love the peace and tranquility it has to offer with an added bonus of trying new African-inspired cuisine and award-winning South African wines at the Franschhoek wine farms. There is also much to marvel at in terms of history, the Huguenot Monument at the end of the main street was erected in honour of the cultural influences the Huguenots brought to the Cape. Their influences can be seen in the architecture and restaurants in the area. Franschhoek has so much to offer, young or old, man or woman, with attractions such as the Motor Museum, chocolate factories, art galleries and much more.

2. Stop for a healthy breakfast or lunch at Oranjezicht City Farm in Granger Bay

Oranjezicht City

Looking to do something out of the ordinary, why not visit the Oranjezicht Farmers Market in Granger Bay. This is a market near the V&A Waterfront that offers fresh produce for sale supplied mainly by the Oranjezicht City Farm and farmers around the Cape. This is also a great way to meet local Capetonians and other visitors as it is a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you share ‘dining’ tables whilst indulging in your pick of delicious food from the many food stalls. It’s also situated in a great spot for views of the ocean, so be sure to visit on a Saturday or Sunday morning for a real treat to the senses and your tastebuds. You can also do your weekly shop of fresh fruit and veg – ideal for the tourists renting an Airbnb or apartment with a kitchen. They have free-range eggs and meat, fresh fish, cheese, lovely fresh vegetables that will have you walking out with bags full of deliciousness. They’ve also got clothing, arts and crafts, dessert stalls and flower shops – so there’s really no reason not to visit!

3. Have a picnic on the lush lawns of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Kirstenbosch Botanical

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is recognised world wide because of its natural beauty and lush lawns. Cape Town provides the perfect combination of nature and city, with its gorgeous landscapes, majestic mountains and stunning beaches, and the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is just another extra gem that should be included in your places to visit. Whether you choose to have a romantic memorable picnic under shaded trees surrounded by bursts of colour displayed by the gorgeous flowers, or choose to have lunch at the restaurant, or even watch one of the summer concerts at the gardens, you will not be disappointed!

4. Order a gatsby (you won’t be disappointed)


When visiting Cape Town and walking through the town, do not pass up the opportunity to spoil yourself with a meal that originated in this town – the Gatsby. Almost every fish and chip or ‘corner shop’ sells gatsby’s – there’s some really great places for Gatsby’s in the city, which is a foot-long roll that is filled with deliciously tantalizing fillings and sauces of your choice. (Be sure to have a few serviettes on hand as this is a rather messy meal!) It’s a Cape Town favourite because it’s filled with hearty foods such as ‘slap chips’ otherwise known as fries, shredded meat or vegetables – pretty much anything your heart desires. There’s no doubt it will have you returning for more. You never really visited Cape Town if you failed to try a Gatsby!

5. Visit the Atlantis Sand Dunes

Atlantis sand dunes

If you are looking for thrill and adventure of a unique kind, the Atlantis sand dunes are your answer. A mere 40 minutes drive from Cape Town will get you there, and you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to the heart of the Sahara Desert. It truly is amazing that such a vast stretch of sand can be found so close to the city – but that’s Cape Town for you! Here you can enjoy sand boarding activities, 4x4ing, quad-biking and more all of which are thrilling experiences. It’s also a fantastic place to exercise your photography skills because you really can’t go wrong. With a landscape so beautiful and extreme, you’re sure to get an epic shot!

6. Watch a movie at V&A Waterfront’s VIP cinema

Waterfront’s VIP cinema

If you are looking to wind down after a long day of sightseeing or just to pass the time before your trip back home, visit the V&A Waterfront’s VIP cinema where you can relax, sit back in leather chairs, order freshly made foods whilst watching a great movie and being treated like a king/queen that you are. There is just no other way to end a holiday!

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