Underrated Accessories if You’re Going Camping

When the weather is warm, outdoor vacations become more popular. Beaches, amusement parks, and historical locations are full of people looking to spend some time in the sun.

Another great way to spend some time outside is by camping. You can experience nature in a way you never have before by popping up a tent and hiking during the day.

Camping is so much fun if you know how to do it right. Having the right tools will take your average camping trip to a whole other level.

Everyone knows you need a tent to sleep in, a sleeping bag for bedtime, and materials for cooking outdoors. There are some other important tools you need, however, that not everyone knows to bring.

Check out these five underrated accessories that can make any camping trip easier and more fun.

  1. A Pocket Blanket

One of the toughest parts about camping is packing lightly. There is so much you need to bring and what seems like not enough space in the car.

Finding smaller versions of the camping necessities is so helpful. One way you can save on space is with a pocket blanket.

Being outdoors will mean needing a blanket to keep you snuggled up and warm, but they are bulky to pack. Pocket blankets fold up so small that they can fit inside your pocket!

You can save space in your hiking backpack or inside your tent since it folds up so small. Don’t worry, the size does not compromise on the warmth and comfort it provides!

A pocket blanket is also easy on your back because it does not weigh much at all. You can easily bring it along for picnics and hikes when you want to snuggle up and enjoy the view.

Save space in any way you can with items you need in a smaller size. Get out to your favorite camping spot and enjoy nature in a way that makes you comfortable.

  1. A Privacy Tent

While everyone needs a tent to sleep in during their extended camping trip, they don’t often provide a ton of privacy from the rest of the family that may be sharing the tent.

Tents also don’t provide a ton of shield from everyone else at the campsite. Getting dressed or cleaning up after a hike can get pretty awkward with everyone around.

Bringing along an extra privacy tent for changing or washing up is a great idea for bigger families who have to share a tight space for the whole trip. These can be opened up and zipped shut for a new level of privacy.

Every privacy tent is a little different, so the one you choose will depend on what you need to use it for. This GiftWits guide has a breakdown of top privacy tents so you can find the perfect one.

Many privacy tents collapse down into smaller storage compartments so you don’t have to worry that they will take up too much space. These are so worth it if you worry about having a space to spend time away from everyone else.

  1. An Inflatable Kayak

Hiking isn’t the only thing you can do during a camping trip. Getting out on the water is another fun way to fill your days outdoors.

The only problem with wanting to get out on the water is that towing a heavy boat isn’t easy. If you want to get on the water but pack a little lighter, an inflatable kayak can help you out.

Inflatable boats of any kind are super light yet super tough and can lead to fun days out on the water during a camping trip.

They can support the weight of the dog, the kids, or just a couple that wants to enjoy the nearby lake or pond.

You can make camping more fun with a new way to spend time. Learn how to paddle around in an inflatable kayak to create a trip that everyone will remember.

  1. Rain Pants

Packing the right clothes is a necessity for a camping trip. No matter what time of year you decide to go camping, you can never perfectly predict the weather.

Rain is so common that you have to be prepared for it at all times. Storms can roll through even if they are not expected to!

You may not be able to predict the weather every day, but what you can do is be prepared for anything that might come your way.

Rain pants are perfect for those random rainy days. We all know how uncomfortable soggy jeans or cargo shorts can be!

Rain pants allow you to hike or do any other outdoor activities you planned on a rainy day without soaking the clothes you might need for other days.

A little rain shouldn’t keep you from having fun. Rain pants are waterproof so they keep the water out and your skin dry.

It is easy to layer up underneath them too if the weather is a little more than a drizzle. However, when it is light rain, you can just wear them alone!

Not everyone thinks to pack a pair of weatherproof pants, but they can seriously make every day a little easier.

  1. A Metal Detector

If you are heading to a popular campsite, there is a good chance that some items might have been left behind by other campers. You and your kids can feel like you are on a treasure hunt with a metal detector.

You never know what kind of useful gear you might come across! Metal detectors are awesome to bring to new locations to see what you can find.

These are also fun to use on the beach or along hiking trails where various metal items might have been lost. You might find some coins or a buried treasure!

A metal detector could help you find any items you may have lost during your trip as well. They can pick up anything with metal in it so you won’t have to worry about losing your smaller devices in the woods.

Metal detectors are fun accessories to have that don’t often make it on the list of camping essentials. They can definitely enhance any camping trip, though!

Going camping is an awesome experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. Packing the perfect accessories can lead to memories that last forever.

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