How to Store Knives Safely on a Knife Roll before Going to Travel
knife rolls

Knife rolls can be stored anywhere, and do not need to be cleaned if the knives that are being stored are kept in a sanitized state.

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Do’s And Don’t’s Of Pickle Making – Are You Aware Of These?
Pickle Making
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Pickles are a traditional condiment that trace back to Indian history. It is a dish that adds spice and flavour to the Indian cuisine. The very common pickles that you can find are lime and mango. In today’s day and age, the varieties have been extended to include many more vegetables in pickles like carrots, garlic and mix-veg.

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20 Smart Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Regular Life Easier!

Kitchen is the place all of us love to be in. Those delicious recipes invented and prepared, those messiness you create on the kitchen platform, those cute clumsiness made during rush and so many formed memories. But hey not everything is recalled for good, some kitchen mysteries are so tough that we have to spend hours to get it done or at times we have to give up something that we love. Remember the favorite pan everyone has?

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Earthenware – An Ancient Way Of Cooking Healthy Food!
Earthen Crockery

Earthenware, one of the oldest types of vessel made by man. When man began cooking as an organized activity one of the first things that were invented were bowls, saucers and plates made of clay. And it made sense too, seeing that he had an abundance of the raw material needed to make them – the earth beneath his very feet. Yes, with passage of time, many more materials came into kitchens like iron, copper, brass and much later steel, yet despite the advent of millennia, this bit of history never went out of fashion.

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Food Lost In Translation
Herbs and Spices

Language has its own obvious barriers! But when it comes to food, barriers need to fade away! Have you ever faced a situation where you need a product but don’t know what is it called in other language? What if the shopkeeper does not understand? Well, we offer you spices and herbs spelled in three different languages so that you can refer them in your way to make some amazing aromatic fragrant cuisine full of herbs, spices & seasonings! Thank us later!

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Don’t Bin Banana Peels!
banana peels

When we eat a banana, we naturally throw away its peel. Well, here are some surprising uses of banana peels and their effects which may be unknown to you.

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Remedies Available At Your Kitchen

Suffering a severe headache or are you looking for a quick remedy for your puffy eyes, migraine attack or burns? Take a look at quick kitchen home remedies.

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Left Over Rice – 7 Golden Uses
rice pudding

Here are 7 golden ways in which you can use left over rice and still enjoy their yummy taste.

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Make a Spanish Omelet To Use Up Leftovers
spanish omelet

Try a variation this weekend morning and make a delicious Spanish omelet with the left overs for breakfast!

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Don’t Waste Food, It’s Priceless!
waste food

Food is priceless, don’t waste unnecessarily.

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