20 Smart Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Regular Life Easier!

Kitchen is the place all of us love to be in. Those delicious recipes invented and prepared, that messiness you create on the kitchen platform, that cute clumsiness made during rush hour and so many formed and framed memories. But hey not everything is recalled for good, some kitchen mysteries are so tough that we have to spend hours to get it done or at times we have to give up something that we love. Remember the favorite pan everyone has?

Not any more, Women Planet has here compiled some of the Kitchen hacks that will make your life easy:

  1. Remove seeds from vegetables quickly – Just use Ice Cream scooper, its sharp edge will help you make the vegetable go seedless..
  2. Use baking powder and lemon to remove stains from stainless steel – Just target the area – Put little baking powder+Salt and rub them.
  3. Ice cubes to absorb the food fats – Cover the ice cube in a paper of tissue, move it on the surface of the recipe and the fats are absorbed.18ix8k4nxb0r2jpgImage Source:
  4. Peel the eggs even more easier with soda or vinegar added to the boiling water.
  5. Squeeze the last drop of citrus fruit by first cooling it in a fridge and then 15-20 secs in microwave.
  6. To grate the cheese softer without even sticking it to your hands, just put it in the freezer for half an hour.
  7. Freeze the onions for half an hour for a tear less chop – not if you want them for salad. You will be amazed on how your simple freezer can help you in the kitchen apart from just storing your ice-cubes and ice-creams. Read this freeze-drying guide to know the best ways to store your seasonal favorites.
  8. Add oil and salt to water when you cook pasta, so that it doesn’t stick and mix well with the sauce.b49e03ec-1732-4256-91a7-379b90ea7cd5-7902307730_0ffd816be9_oImage Source:
  9. Roast the chicken or any birds meat with their breasts downside, as it is thick below the heat will roast it quickly.
  10. While warming the baked food in microwave, just add a cup of water alongside to sustain its crunchiness.
  11. Keep your herbs fresh with the vitamins intact for longer period by just freezing them in water or olive oil
  12. Use salt and water to remove the rust and odor from your iron pan.
  13. Restore the newness on your stainless steel by soaking or cleaning vessels with the mixture of water and vinegar.
  14. Do not throw away your wooden spoons and spatulas just cause it gives you a bad odor and is sticky. Just boil them in a plain water and dry them under the sun.
  15. Clean your wooden chopping boards with coarse grain salt, leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then clean the board with half of the lemon to remove the food residues and odor.01_pic0192Image Source:
  16. Add honey to your chopped Apple to stop turning it into brown. Honey will stop the Apple from oxidizing with the air.
  17. Keep your bananas fresh for a long hours just by wrapping the upper tips with Aluminum foil or silver foil.
  18. Remove the excess amount of salt added to your dish, by just preparing little balls of Wheat+Water and add it into the dish. Leave it for sometime and remove the same, it will absorb all excess salt.
  19. Love to eat Indian chaats but Tamarind Chutney is not available? You will be all set if you have Jaggery+Raw Mango Powder+Ginger Powder+Salt+Pepper! Just add everything to a boiling water and you are done.
  20. Add just half Tsp of Sugar to every cuisine whose base is gravy and get a yummylicious taste.

Learn them, try them and share them all with your near and dear ones!

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