Remedies Available At Your Kitchen

Suffering a severe headache after yesterday’s party? Or are you looking for a quick remedy for your puffy eyes, migraine attack or burns? Well, stop running to your doctor and take a minute to find these magical home remedies to cure your condition almost within minutes. These are simple but surely effective ways of curing conditions which we usually believe need medical aid.

Getting over Hangover

Almost every one of us who loves to party hard has suffered from hangover at least once. In such a condition, it is best to treat it with honey. After you wake up, drink about 2 to 6 tsp honey in an interval of every 20 minutes. Once you start feeling relieved from the headache, reduce the period and have just 4 tsp with your meal.

The potassium content in honey counteracts with the effect of alcohol in your body. also the fructose content in honey helps your body to metabolize the present alcohol in your body faster.

Curing mild burns

Onion is an ancient Indian medication used for treating several types of health conditions, including burns and scalds. If you have suffered a mild burn or scald, simply cut an onion into half and place it exactly on the injured area. The onion milk or juice is rich in sulphur and quercetin which helps relieve and treat the burn quickly.

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Migraine and Headache

Migraine attacks and headache are most common these days. And to cure the condition, people consume a list of medications which also have several harmful effects on the body. But, if you have a migraine attack or headache, hold a bag of frozen peas on your head for about 10 minutes. Take a break and repeat it again after 20 minutes. The coldness of the frozen pea packet helps compress the blood vessels and hence ease the pain in your head.

Treating Puffy eyes

Late night work, family issues and a cranky child at night! These are all reasons that keep most of us awake at night. Result, puffy eyes! Usually, puffy eyes are caused due to drinking very little water or natural ageing process. It occurs when the fluid in the body gets trapped under the eyes, leading to swelling. In such conditions, using a cold compress is a great remedy. Use a cold ice pack or a frozen packet of peas to cool your eyes. You can also use refrigerated used tea packs to soothe your eyes. This will also help reduce your dark circles and help you feel and look fresh.

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