banana peels

Don’t Bin Banana Peels!

Bananas are one of the most nutritious fruits known to us. But, when we eat a banana, we naturally throw away its peel. Well, here are some surprising uses of banana peels and their effects which may be unknown to you.

Teeth Whitening

Get naturally whiter teeth by rubbing the banana peel on your teeth every day for almost a week’s time. The results will surely be rewarding.

Removing Warts

Avoid using acid based medications to remove warts from the unwanted parts of your body. Instead, use banana peels to get rid of them permanently. Using them on the acne affected area or applying them overnight, also helps cure acne and reduce the chances of warts.


Use banana peels for cooking food and new dishes.

Acne Treatment

Rub banana peel along with a little honey on the acne to cure it and avoid scarring.

Prevent Wrinkles

Rich in anti-oxidants, banana peels also help in fighting aging. They keep the skin hydrated by enhancing its elasticity and firmness.


Banana peel also works magically on sore spots of the body. Simply place a banana peel on the affected area and massage with it for 15 minutes. Your pain will slowly fade away.

Cure Psoriasis

One of the most unexpected use of banana peels! Rub a banana peel on the area to instantly get relief from itching. They also help in healing psoriasis rapidly.

Treatment for insect bites

If you are bit by an insect, simply rub a banana peel on the area to get relief from the itching and its related pain.

Protection from ultraviolet rays

Another very surprising use of banana peels is its usage for curing cataract. Reduce the risk of developing cataracts or any eye fatigue by applying a banana peel on your eyes.


Apart from all its medicinal uses, banana peels can also be used for cleaning silver jewelry, leather items and shoes.

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