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How to Store Knives Safely on a Knife Roll before Going to Travel

If you want to take your knives with you when travelling, there are specific steps that should be taken to ensure your safety. Let’s review what to keep in mind when traveling with knives, and the best way to keep yourself safe. What is the most widely recommended method? Using a knife roll.

A knife roll is a pouch with multiple slots, used to store a variety of sizes of knives for safekeeping. When purchasing a knife roll, you will want to consider how many knives you need to store, and their various sizes. Many hardware stores sell this product. Let’s review some of the different kinds of knife rolls.

Smaller rolls will have fewer slots, and frequently, the slots are narrower for smaller knives. This would be appropriate for a buyer looking to travel with less equipment. Dinner knives and even small steak knives would fit in this kind of pouch.

For functional knives, used in woodworking or construction activities, you may consider a larger pouch. A thicker pouch is important for bigger, sharper knives. A bigger pouch will also have more pockets that a larger number of knives can be stored in. Consider what your needs are, and consider asking an employee at a hardware store for help in finding the pouch that fits your situation.

As far as materials go, polyester is a durable and safe material that will keep knives in place. Do not purchase a cotton knife roll, and steer clear of thin, plastic materials. The pouches that hold the knives themselves should be sturdy, especially if you are less experienced using knives and knife rolls.

If this is the case, skip the mesh material on the inside of the pouch and instead purchase a pouch with either leather or polyester lining. This is the safest and reliable option for the widest variety of uses. Worried about which is the best knife roll? Go through Americangr for a safe guide that is trusted by many users.

11 Steps to Organize a Knife Roll:

1.) Clean utensils prior to storage.
2.) Unroll the knife roll, so that the pouches are facing upwards.
3.) Use one knife at a time, and grasp it by the handle. Slowly insert the knife, guiding the blade first, into one of the pouches.
4.) Knife should be pointed downwards into the pouch, laying flat on the surface of the roll.
5.) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all knives are positioned in the roll.
6.) Secure any straps or velcro strips to verify that the knives will not fall from their pouches.
7.) Fold over the two extended pieces of fabric, which are together called the “apron”.
8.) Tuck the upper flap over the knives first, followed by the lower flap. The apron is now secure.
9.) Roll the folded apron, holding the left side of the roll and slowly but firmly rotating the fabric, as if you were rolling up a towel.
10.) Secure the knife roll with any additional straps or velcro strips to ensure it is tightly secured.
11.) Be careful with the knife roll; perhaps place it in a larger bag for safekeeping.

Knife rolls can be stored anywhere, and do not need to be cleaned if the knives that are being stored are kept in a sanitized state.

Using this method will guarantee a safe technique for taking knives anywhere. Safety and practicality is each person’s goal in traveling, and the knife roll will make this possible in every situation.

If going to the airport, passengers will benefit from putting the knife roll in checked luggage. If traveling in a car, avoid any possible injuries by placing the knife roll in the back seat, or even the trunk of the vehicle.

Happy travels!

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