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Why pit bulls make great pets

Pit bulls have a somewhat unfortunate reputation as being an inherently aggressive breed, however, in reality this is far from the truth. These wonderful dogs can make well-behaved, friendly and loyal pets if you give them the chance, love and correct training. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider adopting a pit bull into your family.

They are friendly and affectionate

Pit bulls love people! Most enjoy human company and like snuggling up with their owners, meaning you can easily develop a strong bond with them. They are also very loyal animals who like to please. All of which means you can have hours of fun playing with your pit bull. October is also National Pit Bull Awareness Month, giving you the perfect excuse to celebrate pit bulls all month long | Diamond Pet Foods has a great range of treats if you want to buy your dog something to mark the occasion!  

They are active

If you’re hoping that getting a dog will help you to keep fit, a pit bull is a great choice. They are very athletic dogs who like to get out for walks, hikes and even runs, so they’ll be happy to share your workouts with you. It also means they make good sporting dogs, doing well on activities such as agility courses.

They are healthy

Pit bulls are naturally relatively healthy dogs, who are less prone to weight gain and disease in comparison to certain other breeds. This means you are likely to need fewer trips to the vet, which can also save you some money. They are also low maintenance thanks to their short coat. Just be sure to feed them nutritious food, keep them hydrated, and make sure they get enough exercise.

They have a good temperament

Despite their reputation, pit bulls actually have a very friendly nature. In fact, the American Temperament Test Society found that a higher percentage of pit bulls passed their temperament test compared to other popular breeds. Many of the bad behavior you hear in news stories about pit bulls is caused by abuse and neglect, not their inherent nature.

They are good with children

Pit bulls are very tolerant and protective of children, and will put up with all sorts of prodding and poking without complaint. This makes them ideal family pets. One thing to be aware of though is that some pit bulls don’t mix well with cats or other dogs, so think carefully before getting one if you already have pets.

They are intelligent

Pit bulls are smart and adaptive dogs who are eager to learn, which has the added benefit of making them easy to train. So if you’d like a dog you can teach to do tricks and obey commands, they may well be the breed for you. Just make sure to show them lots of love and appreciation for doing so!

Hopefully, this has convinced you that pit bulls are a misunderstood breed that certainly doesn’t deserve its bad reputation, and maybe next time you adopt a dog you’ll consider one of these happy and affectionate animals.

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