Dog Training

A Guide to Training Your Dog

A lack of dog training can cause pet owners various problems, such as behavioral issues, poor socialization, and much mess in the home.

A trained dog is a happy dog, as it will allow a canine to please its owner. Therefore, you must take the time to train your puppy or adult dog. Read the following advice for help getting started.

Teach Basic Commands

There are various basic commands a pooch should know that can prevent behavioral issues and improve their safety. If you’re new to dog training, start by teaching your canine the following simple commands:

  • Stay
  • Come
  • Speak
  • Drop it
  • Back up

The above commands will provide your dog with more structure, and they can help them please you each day.

Pick a Quiet Room

A noisy, busy environment will distract your pet pooch. As you will need to gain 100% of your dog’s attention, you must attempt to train them in a quiet, empty room. It will help them master basic commands and tricks at a quicker rate.

Use Treats for Positive Reinforcement

It’s essential to provide your dog with positive reinforcement when they master a new command or trick. Bear in mind, the better your dog’s reward, the more they will enjoy the training process and the harder they will try.

If you want to stock up on delicious treats, visit Exceptional Pets to take your pick of products from top brands, such as Hill’s Science Diet and The Honest Kitchen. Also, it is important to note that you must never provide your pooch with a reward following bad behaviour, as it can confuse your pet.

Discourage Jumping

Dogs love to jump up when greeting their owners or visitors. However, discourage jumping as early as possible to prevent them from developing the bad habit.

Rather than reprimanding your pooch for jumping, you must turn your back on them until they have settled down. Once they have stopped, give a treat for positive reinforcement. Even though you will be happy to see your dog, you must avoid praising or patting them when jumping up at you.

Stop Biting and Nipping

Many dogs will bite or nip playfully; however, you must stop them from doing so as soon as possible. Instead of scolding your pet when they bite or nip at you, you must pretend to feel much pain following the action. A loud, sharp yell will surprise your pooch and may cause them to stop right away.

If a yell doesn’t work, present them with a chew toy when they attempt to gnaw at your hand or leg. They’ll soon realize it’s more enjoyable to chew on a toy or a bone than an owner’s hand.

Praise Your Pet After Training

After attempting to teach your dog a new command or trick, you must end the session on a positive note. For instance, heap praise on your pooch, give them a treat, stroke their fur, or enjoy five minutes or more of playtime. It will ensure they are excited about each training session, and it will help you gain their full attention.

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